…it can sound like a mouse’s fart…

I said to her,

If you think he needs to be singing in key, you really don’t know anything about rock music, do you?  I don’t think you actually like rock music if you think that.  Rock is not about things being tidy and perfect and sheeny.  There can be revelations but they aren’t neatly packaged.  They don’t come by way of simple formula.  It doesn’t even have to be fast and hard and loud.  It can sound like a mouse’s fart and be rock, if it’s almost out of control, barely held together, nearly incoherent and then popping into view like those 3D posters that were in vogue in the nineties.  Almost not there and then more there than anything you’ve ever seen before.  Rock can be about love and joy and triumph, but it’s the only music that can, in one note, be about the first time you see inside a baby’s soiled diaper, or your first inkling that there’s a lump in your breast, or the smell of your damned socks.  Or about slipping and falling in the shower.  Or the green flame when you burn cellophane.  Listen, I love James Taylor, I really do, but he doesn’t do socks.  Neither does AC/DC.  But Miles Davis did.  Bonnie Raitt does.  Rock is cross-genre.  It’s a state of being that acknowledges dirt and imperfection.  R&B is about slow, blissed-out lovemaking, and rock is about receiving oral sex in a fucking dune buggy.  It’s about that quiet moment right after you wake up in the morning before anything else exists.  It’s the only music that can be about clipping your toenails, as well as being about fuck the fucking government.  I’m not saying it’s superior to other musical forms–as I said, I really do love James Taylor–all I’m saying is, if I go to see James Taylor in concert, he’d better be in key.”

7 Responses to “…it can sound like a mouse’s fart…”

  1. sethdellinger Says:

    I know I have a few readers who rather enjoy James Taylor. I really do like him! I seemed unable to substitute anybody else, however. His music is just so damned…perfect! I am actually considering seeing him in concert. He’s coming to Erie next month.

    He’d better be in key, though.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I know AC/DC is not your bag at all, but I can assure you they are everything you’re trying to describe here. They aren’t pretty, and they rock. Not in your flavor, but they rock.

    You should write the rebuttal that the lady writes. Hahha you could have a lot of fun with that!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I won’t bother beginning an AC/DC debate. We’ve been down that road and it would get us nowhere for sure.

      Wow, the lady’s rebuttal would be fun! But much more like work for me and probably much less good!

  3. Chandra Says:

    Makes me think……..

  4. Do it. Rebuttal. It is a brilliant idea.

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