New TurningArt: “The Blythmoor” by Steve Lush

In keeping with my tradition of getting a completely different “kind” of art with each new piece I get from TurningArt, I have just recieved “The Blythmoor” by Steve Lush.  Oddly, this may be my favorite one yet!  I am quite smitten with the style and subject, as well as the rest of Mr. Lush’s work (I implore you to check out his website here. ) If I had just a little bit more disposable income, I’d buy one of his pieces (probably “The Dog Watch“).  Below, see a picture of “The Blythmoor”, as well as pics of it in my apartment.  I’ve stopped keeping the picture at the top of my stairs and moved it beside my computer, to allow me more time to really dig into these works of art.

5 Responses to “New TurningArt: “The Blythmoor” by Steve Lush”

  1. Do you have a CD hanging on your wall?

  2. cory w. Says:

    Wow, I like the style. Is this print much larger than the previous 2? Or is that just the way it looks in the pictures?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah I love how his style gets the technical details right, but also seems to give more of an “impression” of the ships rather than a mere simple rendering.

      All TurningArt prints are the same size (they all go in the same frame), however, this is only one of two that I have had that were horizontal rather than vertical (the other one was the VCR tapes).

      • sethdellinger Says:

        It might also look larger now that there are other objects in the pic to gain perspective from; while they were in my stairwell it was just the picture on a wall.

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