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Thursday’s Controversial Opinion

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Robert DeNiro was never really that good.

Wednesday’s Picture

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Monday’s Song: “Jacqueline” by Franz Ferdinand

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by Franz Ferdinand

Jacqueline was seventeen
working on a desk
when Ivor
peered above a spectacle
(forgot that he had wrecked a girl)…
sometimes these eyes
forget the face they’re peering from
when the face they peer upon…
well, you know
that face as I do,
and how in the return of the gaze
she can return you the face
that you are staring from.

It’s always better on holiday.
So much better on holiday.
That’s why we only work when
we need the money.

Gregor was down again.
Said come on, kick me again.
Said, I’m so drunk
I don’t mind if you kill me.
Come on you gutless!
I’m alive, and how!
I know it’s true
But for chips and for freedom
I could die.

You can stop the train. Just pull the brake.

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The Hey Rosetta! show in Asbury Park, NJ with Paul was a truly thrilling experience (so much so that I am locked in an intense internal debate over whether to go see them again in Manhattan sometime Monday or Tuesday…I guess you’ll find out via blog post eventually!)  I’d type a longer entry about Paul andI’s experience, but I’m on my sister’s laptop and this keyboard and mouse are confounding me.  This time, the band was fully electric (you may remember the first two times I saw them, they were acoustic) and it was MINDBLOWING.  Paul and I once again got to thank the band and shake their hands, and we both got handwritten copies of the setlist off the stage (I’ll be scanning mine in when I get home).  A ball-to-the-wall awesome time.  The setlist was:

1.  New Goodbye
2. Yer Spring
3. New Glass
4. Bricks
5. Another Pilot
6. There’s an Arc
7. Seeds
8. Red Heart



Paul at a rest stop on the way home.

Fishing the Big Spring

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Audio Poem: “Value”

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Year written:  2006
Collection:  The Salt Flats


When I was a younger man and foolhardy
I would pick sometimes old cigarette butts
out of public ashtrays and smoke the crumpled tobacco,
inhaling the stale breath of strangers and lipstick
because I was out of money or time
or too boozed-up to notice or care.
They had been like any other cigarette
except forgotten, nameless.

I don’t do that anymore.
I now have just enough money and scruples
to separate what is trash from what has merit,
or what is mine from what is no one’s.
And on days when the sun is out
and folks are walking, pushing kids in strollers,
I’ll walk the streets grinning, smoking one cigarette
with an extra one behind my ear, in case a stranger needs one.

Dispatch from Home

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Hello folks!!! As you may or may not have heard, I am writing you from the ol’ homestead of central Pennsylvania (and New Jersey and maybe New York or Philadelphia, at some point).  I didn’t give any forewarning on this develppment, as I desperately wanted to avoid having an “appointment” vacation, where I make so many plans with people I no longer seem to posses free will.  I want to visit home but also have an actual vacation.  I mean…I work real hard.

Anyway, you won’t (probably) be hearing from me much in the interim, although before I left Erie I set up a few blogs to post automatically (mostly the recurring blogs with days in their names…Monday’s Song, etc) so we won’t feel my absence entirely.  I just wanted to put that out there in case you happen to know I’m in the middle of a 5 hour drive and an Audio Poem posts, you know I’m not doing that shit from my car!

I had a perfect day yesterday, seeing my dad in the morning, some terrific friends (Michael and Kate) in the afternoon, and then having a near-flawless road trip with Paul to see a mind-blowing Hey Rosetta!  (not to mention getting to meet Paul’s precious brand-new son, Parker).  Paul: we somehow seem to have more to talk about with each other than we did as younger men, plus we laugh even more.  What a rare quaility.  You’re a gem, sir.

I’m off to New Jersey now (I know…I was just there yesterday, but I promise, it’s not the same town) to see my mother, my sister, my nephews, and Pumpkin Latte

Also, it’s really sunny, and 42 degrees (right now that feels like 70!)

And just wait till you see the pictures I’ve been getting!

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