Sunday Morning Ramblings

1.  Thank you, three days of fantastic weather, for reminding me how Spring and Summer are going to be.  Also, up yours, three days of nice weather, for teasing me.  Now back under 20 degrees, it’s like you never happened.

2.  The new Hey Rosetta! album has essentially brought me to my knees emotionally.  This band just continues to improve, grow, and evolve and it is just killing me.  More to come on this, I’m sure.

3.  So about two months ago, I cancelled my New York Times subscription.  Now, you know I totally heart the NYT.  But since I’m still relatively new to the home-newspaper delivery world (I got my first Carlisle Sentinel subscription about two years ago) I figured I should try a few more papers, maybe a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and then perhaps a regional favorite like the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the Buffalo News.  So.  I cancelled my NYT subscription.  My home delivery stopped.  For two days.  Then on the third day, there was a NYT on my porch again.  I figured it was just a momentary error, a slip of habit by the driver.  But then there was one the next day, and the next.  So I called the Times and inquired about this; I don’t mind free newspapers, but I also didn’t want to keep being charged after I tried to cancel, and I really wanted to further explore the newspaper world.  The dude on the phone assured me my account was cancelled and that he’d make sure the driver stopped delivery.  But he never did stop.  I’ve been getting a free NYT for about two months now.  I don’t feel bad about it; I’m not sure what else I can do to make it stop.  I’m not going to keep calling and complaining that my paper will not stop.  But here’s the really, really strange part:  about a week ago, an Erie Times News also started showing up on my porch every day!  In addition to the New York Times.  For the last week I have been getting two free daily newspapers.  I suspect the same driver must deliver the two (there can’t be that many NYT subscribers in Erie, so it’s probably just a small supplement to the driver’s income) but how they suddenly started thinking I was on the Erie Times News list is beyond me.  I did subscribe to it when I first moved here but it’s been at least 6 months since I cancelled that one.  I am not even calling them to tell them.  People wanna give me free papers, I’mma take them, although I do feel bad about not giving money to these papers (although I am a “circulation” number, helping out their ad rates, so I’m not doing nothing, ha!)

4.  I don’t like to ever even mention the fact that I eat fast food, as it is so in vogue for people to poo poo even the mere idea that fast food exists, but I just cannot NOT mention the fact that I have found the best fast food chain ever.  It’s called Back Yard Burgers.  Here’s their website which includes a site locator (seems it is mostly an eastern chain, and the Erie location may be the northernmost location)…if you are into burgers, you MUST check this place out if you’re ever able to.  Pretty much the best burgers I’ve ever had, fast food or not.  And the environment inside the place is just fantastic.  Spacious and calming, with a fire place and light music playing, as well as multiple televisions (with the volume off) and booths that give you privacy.  I actually go there with a book or magazine to read and find myself staying for a decent amount of time after I’m done eating. 

5.  Anybody who is more tech savvy than I am (read: almost all of you)…what is the process for getting something from a DVD and onto YouTube?  Obviously I’ve got to get it from the DVD onto my computer.  What is necessary on my computer to make that happen, and what does the process entail?  Thanks!

6 Responses to “Sunday Morning Ramblings”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    -I would imagine in hell there is weather teases like crazy. Satan sits around and knows exactly the right time to sudden give the sinners just a little bit of cold weather to contrast the constant heat (he’s always careful not to let any ice form though because a lot of things have to happen on earth if the place actually freezes over!), then just when everyone starts getting used to it, even hotter heat wave. Weather teases are the worst!

    -My guess with your newspaper situation is it’s got something to do with whoever lived in your place before you. Maybe it doesn’t explain both papers, but I bet it explains one. Like the guy (or gal) didn’t move out of the city and is making newpaper changes but forgetting to update his (or her) address with the papers. I can’t imagine two newspapers could mess this up for this long without someone outside the paper being the real dolt.

    -You get weather teases and I get burger teases. The closest one to me is in Nebraska. Are you Satan?

    -DVD to Youtube (or avi) is pretty easy. Google “DVD to AVI program” and you’ll get a big selection of programs you can download. They usually let you on a trial basis rip something like one minutes worth to try out the program, but if you wanna rip more you have to pay them. I’ve downloaded a lot of those programs in my day trying to find a free one, but that don’t exist in the free world. I’ve never seen them cost more than $40 though and it’s one-time only fee. I don’t know why I never just bought the damn program when I had a job. Shoulda coulda woulda I suppose. Once you get it all set up though they’re usually user friendly you can just select the section of the movie you want to rip or rip the whole thing. Then you can edit stuff in your windows movie maker too and have fun with that!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      —Yes. It snowed 8 inches today. Not fair.

      —I’m pretty sure it’s just the delivery person. I highly doubt they load their car up with a precise amount of papers. I’m sure they have extras, and for some reason or another my name keeps coming on and off the list (or he just likes my house).

      —It’s about time you get a burger tease…you CAians always have these burger joints most of the country does have. So, suck on my Back Yard Burger!

      —Thanks for the info, I’ll def be doing it!

  2. No wonder the newspaper business is going under with giving away free papers and all. Are you getting any others besides the two free ones?

  3. I am still getting my Philly paper, and at the reduced rate I paid in Boyertown.
    I def want to go to the Back Yard Burgers when I get to Erie again. Closest to Jersey is Altoona PA. LOL.
    I miss you!!!

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