A Thaw







4. There is the stand of reeds I walked to at the beginning of the week, now surrounded by a half-water, half-ice mix.






7. An attempt to re-create the NOW ICONOGRAPHIC photo of me overlooking Misery Bay in winter, now with bare arms and no hat! Of course this means I now need to get a pic of me in the exact same pose and spot during all phases of weather.










13. A woman with a metal detector.





7 Responses to “A Thaw”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    So in summer we better see a picture of you standing by the lake in a speedo. You’ve already committed, too late to turn back now.

  2. I love the idea of recreating that photo in every season! You should post them all as a collection when you’re done. And you’re totally right, that photo has become more iconographic than the face of the Muslim girl with the blue eyes on the cover of Time.

    #6 made me for real LOL, but #12 is definitely my favorite.

  3. great pics!

  4. Yes, definitely a pic of that in all seasons. I’ve always wondered what I might find if I had a metal detector.

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