My Family is Cooler than Your Family

Someone pointed out to me a few days ago the very true fact that I have an incredible family.  This is a fact I am quite well aware of, but perhaps not often appreciative enough for.  Now, this is not going to be some lovey-dovey blog about how important family is, how well I feel my parents raised me (which, for the record, I think is very, very well)…I am more talking about the fact that all three members of my nuclear family are just plain cool.  They are freakin’ rad people, and I just don’t think a whole lot of people are blessed with such a situation.  I could take a lengthy road trip with any of them and have a freakin’ awesome time.  Here are a few words about why each of them are so incredible (in the alphabetical order of their familial title):


My freakin’ Dad is totally hilarious.  Genuinely.  Not in that, “Oh hey man, you’ve got a funny Dad” kinda way, but in that “Holy shit, that dude was freaking funny!” kinda way.  He’s got a humor that is smart, but also cheesy, but he knows it’s cheesy so it’s always in a wink and smile sort of way.  Dad also contemplates life in ways that often challenge me to re-evaluate my own worldview.  He has an open dialogue about memory, death, religion, the past, the future.  This dilaogue is an invaluable asset to a son; couple such serious topics with a rockin’ sense of humor and you have one helluva cool man! And Dad stays very up-to-date on the state of the world, current affairs, politics, etc.  And he’s totally liberal! (yes, liberal is cool.  Sorry to my one conservative reader, if you”re still out there…but it makes you just a tiny bit less cool)  Way to be cool Daddio!


My freakin’ Mom is totally amazing.  Here is a woman who was simply born with the ability to figure things out.  Literally anything can happen and within hours she will know which paperwork you need, or which office to go to, or whatever whatever.  She has an innate sense of how.  And this woman can be damn funny! (you’ll see a theme here; from my blog you may not think of me as funny, but I come from a hilarious family and in person I am quite a cut-up.  It comes from these parents!).  Mom often has me rolling on the floor with just a few choice words.  She’s also an avid reader, which I think is super-cool.  Also: very liberal.  See Dad’s section for my thoughts on the coolness of liberalism.  Momma: way to be cool!


My freakin’ sister is totally cool.  Like the rest of my family, she is completely hilarious.  I suppose it’s no mystery that her humor is most like my own (with a strong bent toward actual nonsense).  She is extremely self-reflective (badass trait), likes super cool music and movies (our tastes don’t perfectly match but they intersect in interesting places), she likes to write, attend concerts, “Dexter”…ok listen, obviously, we’re a lot alike, but different enough to make us clear individuals (for instance, she likes “The Amazing Race”….gross).  Oh, and she’s an amazing mother, who is using the rockin’ childhood we were given to raise her children even more freakin’ cool than we are!  Plus, she’s liberal! Way to be cool, Sis!

My family is so freakin’ cool!  I challenge you to come up with a cooler family than the Dellaiellamstsfields!

37 Responses to “My Family is Cooler than Your Family”

  1. love it!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I’m gonna have a ‘West Side Story’ snap fight with my family taking on yours to see who’s is really the coolest.

    Or we could have a liberal-off. Some moderator says things like, “taxes” and the first family to say, “I WANT MORE!” wins or, “Jimmy Carter” “WHY CAN’T HE BE OUR KING?” would also score major points.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha I’m pretty sure my family would actually say those things! Although I think we’re bigger Clinton freaks than Certer freaks, but I could be wrong.

      One simple fact proves that my family is cooler than yours: by tomorrow night, all three members of my family will have commented on this blog. Boo-ya! Your ‘rents aint even on Facebook (that I know of)…in your face, Chicken Toes!

  3. Yeah, we are pretty awesome. I was actually just recently just thinking how cool all of you are too. Also, I don’t like the Amazing Race anymore. But I DO totally LOVE The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And My Strange Addiction, which I’m pretty sure you hate with a passion.

    Love you! (and not just cuz you give me cool-ass freeeeaking mugs) [it does help, though] ;)

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha yeah, you know me, I REEEEAAALLY hate My Strange Addiction, as well as any “Real Housewives” show, so…hey wait…how do you just STOP liking The Amazing Race? That was, like, your big thing For. Ever.

      Love you too!

  4. Also, one of my favorite things that Mom does that I find hilar is, she gets really pissed at animals or inanimate objects and she will call them names. Like, there is a squirrel who gets in our trash can all the time, and when she sees him, she calls him a pecker-head or an asshole. CRACKS ME UP!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha!! I know exactly what you mean! But it’s not just animals, she’ll do that with anything. Toilet not flushing right? It’s a cocksucker! And nobody beats Dad for puns…which I think I may appreciate more than you haha.

  5. Yes Dad is the King of Puns, which I find mildly funny but I prefer sarcasm over cheesy humor. Dad does have quite a bit of sarcasm as well, which I LOVE.

    Mom also talks to food while she cooks. “C’mon boys, cook for me!” Aiden and Ethan are always like “Who are you talking to?”

    • sethdellinger Says:

      hahaha!!! I am laughing my ass off thinking of Mom talking to food.

      I dig puns cause it’s like humor but also a game at the same time.

  6. One of my favorite things about Dad is how great he is with his grandsons. He is the greatest Pap EVER!!!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Way to go pap! You know what I have never thought about before? What were our parents’ relationships with THEIR grandperents like? I know very little about our great-grandparents.

      • I have a feeling they did not know their grandparents very well, but now I am quite curious. We were closer to ours and now my kids are super tight with them. Mom is like their second mother, and Dad, well, they are just obsessed with him.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        I don’t know…can we actually say we were closer to ours? Our grandmommas, maybe, but for all intents and purposes, we never really knew a grandfather. Mom and Dad, did you guys know your grandfathers very well?

  7. Yep. Your family has mine beat. :)

  8. I totally roared…still am at your back and forth. Killing me, I say. Those little objects deserve the names they get. You should have heard the names I used on drivers on the Surekill today coming home.

    My grandmother on my Mom’s side was the only grandparent I knew. Our relationship with her was very formal, and only remembered as a visit to get pink mints.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Pink mints! Wow. What a very specific memory! Were the rest of your grandparents gone by the time you arrived, or were there other reasons you didn’t know them?

  9. They were all gone by the time I arrived.

  10. not very close to my grandparents although there was some genuine affection for my Grandpa Cooper. A gentle man with a kind smile and a sense of humor. I resemble him a lot physically. We both turned gray early and share the same body build.

  11. My grandmother used to have pink mints too.

  12. Seems pretty lucky to have such a rad family…and sorry you don’t like my strange addiction. good show.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It’s expoitative and gross (and they’re not even addictions, they’re compulsions). And I do consider myself extremely lucky!

      • You get so angry about certain shows! :) No, they are not addictions, but they are freaky deaky and interesting oddities, fo sho. Someone who eats entire couches? (the stuffing) Yeah, I’m watchin’.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        I’m opinionated! Sometimes angrily. I’d not have it any other way.

        Couches? OK, I’d watch that one.

  13. grandpa cooper lived till about the age of 75, he passed away before you were born

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