Bathing with Army Men


1.  I just don’t understand baths.  I mean, you can scrub-a-dub yourself until you’re red all over, but at the end of the day, you’re still sitting in the dirty water.  You may smell and look clean afterward, but I suspect that’s an illusion.  Now, I sometimes take a bath for relaxation purposes (I have a TV and DVD player in my bathroom, too), but before I get out, I turn on the shower and actually clean myself.  Thoughts?

2.  It’s been a somewhat annoying year to start paying attention to sports again.  Pennsylvania teams made it to the World Series, the Stanley Cup Championship, and the Super Bowl—and lost all three.  Granted, I’m sure just about any area of the country would like to have those problems, but it has also been rather annoying.

3.  I’m addicted to this.   You should be too.  HILARIOUS:

4.  I was strolling the local Wegmans late at night a few nights ago (Wegmans is an upscale supermarket) when I came across gummy army guys.  Maybe I’m late to the party on this, but this is the best form of TOYS that BECOME candy ever!!!  I must admit, I ate a pound in 24 hours. (that’s really not as disgusting as it sounds)  I can’t quite place the flavor, but I suspect it is apple.  Anyone else have experience with this?

5.  I very recently came across my first exciting vinyl “find” in quite some time.  Perusing the local independent record store, which usually does not have any “indie rock” among it’s paltry selection of new vinyls, I found The National’s new album, High Violet, which I love LOVE LOVE, and I picked it up for less than the used copies are selling for on eBay.  And it is a very handsome product.  Check it:

Front cover...a work of art unto itself.

Folded open: a picture of two of the band members, NEITHER of whom is the lead singer. I count that as badass.

Open with both sleeves pulled out...even more badass.

13 Responses to “Bathing with Army Men”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    When I take a bath, I never do it for cleaning purposes. I would guess most people that aren’t children view it as a chance to just enjoy soaking in hot water. I’m way mad that my new place doesn’t have a tub. With all the free time I have now, I would relish a good dippy dip.

    Don’t know if you’re late to the party with the Army Guys or not, but you are for sure late with the Liam Lynch song. That was like, high school for me! It is so old to me. I had a few friends that played that song to the ground. First time seeing the video though for me, which did add something to it.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Oh yes, do not get me wrong: I have known the song for a long time. It really is the video I’m referring to. When you watch it a few times, it gets funnier and funnier. Lots of subtle little things going on.

      Watch what you say about bathers: my dad is a bather!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Shoulda named this one “Bathing With Army Men’

  3. I bath not to clean but to relax. Course I hate wasting water so I won’t shower afterwards. Gummy army men sound pretty sweet, do they contain gelatin? Enjoy the local indie record shop. Ours just closed its doors.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It’s not wasting water if you’re not clean yet! I have no idea about the gelatin; the ones I bought I bought out of one of those candy bins; no ingredient list to be found. I wish my local indie record shop was a little but cooler; it’s mostly for the James Taylor set.

  4. Send me gummy army guys????

  5. Is that vinyl 180 gram?

  6. My take on baths: you’re cleaner than you were when you got in.

  7. Update: I recieved my gummy army men in the mail! First, kudos to Seth for being the kind of kick-ass friend who will send people candy through the mail. I mean really, who does that? His Highness Farty McShoon, that’s who!
    Second, Tony and I both agree: the flavor is totes green apple, and also totes delicious!
    Thanks Noodle!

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