Audio Poem: “A Burning Poem”

On our journey through my own selections of my “greatest hits”, we have reached the collection The Salt Flats, which I believe to be, without a doubt, my best work to date. Written between 2006-2007, the poems in The Salt Flats are absolutely ON FIRE. I could not be stopped! There is a clear style specific to the collection (this is the height of my “parenthesis phase”) and a deliberate over-arching mood, voice and intent that, frankly, I haven’t quite been able to find my way back to yet. So anyway, just a little self-aggrandizing commentary. I’ll be doing audio poems out of this collection for a few months, as just about every one in this collection is a “greatest hit”. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this barn-burner of an opener; this is the first poem in The Salt Flats, and it’s called “A Burning Poem”:

A Burning Poem

I am writing wildly
poems about total nonsense
(who fucked who
and the meaning of life)
with unabashed glory;
I am scribing vividly
accounts of lives in shambles
(people who dance on tables
for money,
men with nothing to worship,
women who—while showering will—
slice their wrists with
razors in nonlethal ways
for the attention of nobody whatsoever,
groups of folks with so little to do
they fire rifles at the moon)
with undiminished enthusiasm.
I am charging forward
with images and words
about life on fire,
on metal striking bone
pushing for someone (or something)
to take note of it all
(the children riding clouds in umbrellas,
the chimneys falling down brick by brick)
because sooner or later
it will all catch fire
(in fact, things catch fire all the time)

2 Responses to “Audio Poem: “A Burning Poem””

  1. Wow! I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but I know I like it!

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