Christmas Eve on Presque Isle


This picnic table has somehow sunk into the sand, which is now frozen.



An elusive Cardinal

A frozen Misery Bay---this is where the American troops (with Oliver Hazard Perry) were iced in over a winter during the War of 1812--hence the name Misery Bay. There are two sunken 1812 warships in the bay.


Not even January and the car is coated in the salty mineral dust of winter


Self Portrait #1, Misery Bay in Winter


Self Portrait #2, Misery Bay in Winter


Me on the ice of one of the frozen lagoons on Presque Isle




My trusty steed




The bay, frozen


6 Responses to “Christmas Eve on Presque Isle”

  1. These are great! The self portraits made me miss you though. :(

    The ones of the sunken picnic table are really cool looking! I think the best one is of the row of posts, (I’m sure they have some more specific name, but I can’t remember it.) with the trailblaze that says “beach” on it.

    The one with the sign that says “sand volleyball court” is kind of funny. What perfect juxtaposition!

    I’ve only been to the beach once in the winter when there was snow on the sand. It was beautiful to walk to the end of the pier and look back. Thanks for posting!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Thanks for replying! I was starting to think nobody was looking! :)

      I’m a big fan of the one with the posts, too…thanks! The volleyball court one seemed too perfect to pass up!

      I can’t wait until the lake freezes more, it’s going to be really cool to walk out on it!

  2. Holy crap, be careful!!

    Before this, I had always assumed the great lakes didn’t freeze…?

  3. Ok, I just googled, and apparently lake erie freezes over up to 90%! Now I kind of feel silly for not knowing this… Is this common knowledge?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge….honestly, I had never given any thought to it at all until I moved here. If someone had asked me if they froze, I’m not sure what I would have said!

  4. I’ve asked like 10 people if they knew this since yesterday, and it’s been mixed responses, so I don’t feel so stupid now. I guess I just always assumed that the great lakes didn’t freeze since they were fed by the Niagra River, which is tidal. But then I googled it and learned Erie is primarily fed by the Detroit, so it makes sense that they would freeze.

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