Wednesday’s Picture

4 Responses to “Wednesday’s Picture”

  1. This makes me cold.

  2. This picture gets better the more I look at it. At first it just looked like a snow scene, but more and more it seems to be telling a story of a place…I’m not sure how to word what I’m thinking…it’s like that street has a personality.

    • …perhaps because you have the frame so unbalanced? I think it’s a bit unsettling.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        I know exactly what you mean! I love a good unbalanced frame. I think you’ll find I rarely balance it. I actually took this shot originally with the road centered, and the fence on the right was nicely balanced by a tree/ telephone pole on the left, but it felt totally pointless. Like, “Oh, a snowy street. Yawn.” Then I took it off-center like you see here and it struck me as subtly creepy. I just wish I’d had more defined clouds in the sky right then.

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