Audio Poem from “This is What is Invisible”: #11 of 12

As a reminder, I am posting an audio version of each poem from my new collection, “This is What is Invisible”.  This is the eleventh posting, and it’s called “Energy”,


Tell me again about the butterflies,
old friend of mine, bringer of tales,
the gully, mossy rocks of the streambed,
a cool breeze off the glacier high above,
and suddenly butterflies everywhere
as if the air you breathed were blossoming.

I’ve seen so many things, you said.  I wish
I could write them down. 
And when my uncle died
you were the alpinist and the engineer
who had an explanation where he’d gone,
waving a hand in the air.  It’s energy,
you said.  That energy must still be somewhere.

Ah, but real life is never written down,
and who could understand the butterflies—
that there were so many, so surprisingly?
Tell me again, old friend, and I will try
to catch the light, the flavor of the air
like moss, like distant ice, like clear water.



One Response to “Audio Poem from “This is What is Invisible”: #11 of 12”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful imagery.

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