“Wrap Your Busy Head in Sound”

Here’s some pictures from my big Hey Rosetta! weekend.  It was a totally freakin amazing weekend in lots of ways.  I’ll have a bigger blog about it tomorrow but thought I’d put some pics up now.  *yawn*  I am so totally sleeping 14 hours!


Me with Tim Baker, lead singer!


Oh yeah, I got all artsy when I had time to kill in Buffalo



Found some interestng sights on the drive from Ithaca to Buffalo


First picture of me, Paul, and Davey together at the same time in many years. My head looks like a peanut.

2 Responses to ““Wrap Your Busy Head in Sound””

  1. You have an uncanny ability to get lead singers to pose with you. How do you do it?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      well, part of it is liking bands that are so far from famous they are playing what are essentially bars, forcing them to actually co-exist in the same space as us when they aren’t playing (as in, no real “backstage”). In fact, that’s the whole trick. I have no pictures with artists famous enough to headline a House of Blues show.

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