Audio Poem, “How Did You Get in Here?”

Fans of “How Did You Get in Here?” will note that I have edited it from it’s original version (striking in its entirely the original line 6 and altering line 7).  Click the gray arrow to play it.

Year written:  2004
Collection:  Of Course

How Did You Get in Here?

Promise me I’ll never find you naked on my bed,
your feet a yard apart, midsection arching skyward,
fingers clasping the oak risers of the headboard,
gasping for breath.  Oh dear what a nightmare!
Please don’t smile as I walk in, or wink.
As I circle the bed, slowly disrobing,
please do not snake your hand downward
toward your moist bubble
or begin making the kinds of sounds
that I associate with lovemaking,
like low throaty whimpers.
Oh, that would ruin me!
And as I waddle toward you on the bed
on my knees
raising myself above you
planting both my arms on either side of your head,
please don’t whisper that you love me,
or promise me eternity,
because I am through with empty gestures.

4 Responses to “Audio Poem, “How Did You Get in Here?””

  1. Excuse me while I go, um, do something by myself…be back in 2 minutes…

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Fucking A! The best poems, like I need to tell you, paint an undeniable picture in your head. This one had a Blu-Ray quality picture in my head, and what a fantastic image it was! I think this is going to be one of those poems that you write that I read once but sticks with me for a long time. You’ve written 3-4 of those so far. This is the 4th or 5th!

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