The blog post where I mention everyone I know who already has an existing “tag” on my blog, so I can tag them again and insert a useful or ridiculous link to them.

1.  Oh hi, billhanna.  I see you ‘liked’ goatees on Facebook yesterday.  Our adversarial relationship about facial hair will continue to the grave.  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

  2.  Anyone who knows Tasha, check out the link, she just got a radical new haircut!  I love it!

3.  I have quite few friends who are talented musicians—one of them is the great Bootney Lee (real name Ryan Straub).  I double-dare you to click on the link and check his music out.

4.  Guess who I’m going to see next month, as the three of us meet up in central New York for a Hey Rosetta! show???  Well that would be none other than my life-long buddies Paul and Davey!  (he’s Chris Davey, but we call him Davey).  This is going to be exceptional as it’s been a few years since we were together, all 3 of us.  And did I mention it’s a Hey Rosetta show???  I still haven’t seen them live–the shows I was supposed to go to awhile back had to be skipped because life is like that.  I am uber pumped for this!

5.  It has been way too long since I tagged my friend Amanda.  I mean that just like it sounds, too. 

6.  You know who rules?  My mom!  She just quit smoking!!! Raise the roof!

7.  I’m still tickled pink about the Doctor Strange drinking glass that Tony Magni gave me as a going away present when I moved to Erie.  Thanks Tony! 

8.  My friend Denise has a very under-appreciated photo blog.  Click to link to check it out!!!  She’s way talented!

9.  The lovely Sarah P. has just had a baby! Huzzah!  She doesn’t have any sort of online presence so I’ve linked to a picture of Big Ben, which is in England, which is where I met her!

10.  My dad is one cool mofo.  What’s my evidence?  Every single day I become more and more like him, and I am most definitely one cool mofo.  Dad, we are some cool dudes!

11.  I tag Ron all  the damn time, I aint saying anything about him!

12.  Big days for my buddy Burke, who has just started going back to school while also remaining a steadfast David Hasselhoff fan.  Kudos, wanker!

13.  I could probably talk about Mary all day, but I’m pretty sure she’d friend-disown me.  She dislikes scrutiny.

14.  My dear, dear friend Michael (that’s a lady named Michael) sent me the most lovely letter in the mail yesterday.  She sure is a freaking great friend!!  It was quite touching, it brought a tear to my eye.  Everyone should have a friend like Michael!

15.  California buddy Kyle is finally off the unemployment and working at a bank!!! Yay Kyle!  Now:  no more excuses for sneaking into movies, you heathen!

16.  My freaking cool-as-shit sister just got a job working at a law firm!  What what!  Dellingers can do anything!!!  Click the link to read her badass blog!

17.  Also in the world of talented musician friends of mine:  Duane, who records under the name DreamlandNoise.  Click the link for just a small sampling of his superb “space funk”.

18.  What to say about my girl Cory? She recently moved back to central PA, like, RIGHT after I left it.  *frown face*  She’s just the shiznit in every way, and is quite a talented artist.  I’ve linked to some of her art but you might not be able to see it if you’re not FB friends with her.  Which would be your loss.

21 Responses to “The blog post where I mention everyone I know who already has an existing “tag” on my blog, so I can tag them again and insert a useful or ridiculous link to them.”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Big ups to your mother! It is really tough to break a bad habit, especially one fueled by nicotene. I will no longer hop movies! I will pay with great pride for all my movies now!

  2. Thank you Seth and Kyle. I am really going to make it this time. House smells good. Thanks to Chantix and….of course, me. :)

    I really like this blog.

  3. Paul told me that you would be missing the show. Sucks but glad that you guys will be able to meet up in New York for it. Enjoy.

    “Kudos wanker”=awesome.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah it sucked cause we all had tickets already, but luckily they’re a small enough band that tickets are cheap! And thanks, I really liked the wanker bit too.

  4. billhanna Says:

    Facial hair rules.

  5. It’s true: Dellingers really can do anything.

  6. Thank you, Seth. :) Congrats to your Mom too! Keep the Faith! Five and a half years here! It CAN be done, as you know! And it’s great!

  7. No Chandra tag. :(

  8. Curse this blasted firewall! I can’t even follow my own link! But thank you so much for saying that about my atrwork, Noodle.

    Good job, Mom! Big ups!

  9. Ha! I wish! Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Yahoo (WTF?), ESPN fantasy football and a bunch of others are blocked by a damn sonic wall. They’ve basically blocked anything fun. *sigh*

  10. I love my serving job at Appalacian Brewing Co., East. I’m bored as shit at my receptionist job at Cumberland Valley Motors (lol) but at least I can get online somewhat.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      My mom bought quite a few cars at CVM back in the day! I’d love to visit ABC sometime when you are serving there, that would rule and I’d sooo tip you huge! But yeah, being a receptionist would be very boring.

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