This is what I gave up!!!!

I was casually perusing yesterday’s copy of the Erie Times-News when this small headline jumped out at me:

Carlisle Said to Be ‘Walker’s Paradise’.

Of course I was quite intrigued, not only because Carlisle is the town I just moved away from, but because I do A LOT of walking when I lived there!  It really IS a great town to walk in!  Anyway, here’s the content of the article:

According to the website, which grades communities on their level of walkability, Carlisle, Cumberland County, is one of the most walkable communities in the nation, which is what earned the borough the “walker’s paradise” title.
     The site uses a formula based on population clustering and nearby amenities to give communities a score of up to 100 points.
     At the heart of downtown, at the intersection of High and Hanover streets, Carlisle scores a perfect 100.
     “I think it’s an extremely accurate statement,” Carlisle Borough Manager Steve Hietsch said of calling Carlisle a walker’s paradise.

That was it–it was just a blurb, really.  But pretty awesome!!!  You can find the “walkscore” for your particular address right here.  The score for my old Carlisle address:  91.  The score for my Erie address:  49.  *frown*  No wonder I bought a bike!

10 Responses to “This is what I gave up!!!!”

  1. Sethers, I saw that article in the paper and thought about you and how much you enjoyed strolling all over town. Heck, you could have written that article. Love you and miss you!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Who knew all that time I was enjoying a world calls walking town??? I can’t believe it made the news all the way in Erie! Miss and love you too!

  2. Yikes! My address scored a 2! LOL

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha I can imagine!!! It takes into account how many businesses and other things you can actually walk to. Plus I think it likes sidewalks :)

  3. I got a 68 for my place. Maybe I should start. Hehe.

  4. Seth, there was a longer article in the Carlisle Sentinel. It was on the front page of the local section. I’m sure you can find it on their website.

  5. I walk everytime I’m in Carlisle (even in the winter) because Tampa isn’t very walkable.

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