Audio Poem: “Bother With Hours”

Collection:  Of Course
Year written: 2004

The first stanza in this poem is by far my best stanza I’ve ever written “in form” (and it’s rhymed and metered!)  Still rather proud of it.

Bother With Hours

Things which slowly trickle down
like snow, taxes, or a frown
arrive in fragments of desire
like matches held up to a fire.

This was almost evident
in the way the hours went
as you sat there, humming softly,
fanning flies and drinking coffee.

Why bother with hours, I saw you thinking,
in this day of moments, sinking?
If seconds piling aren’t enough
the minutes stack up like a bluff.

And then you stood, and blinked your eyes.
Imagine the size of my surprise!
That moment trickled by as well
and landed where the others fell.

2 Responses to “Audio Poem: “Bother With Hours””

  1. I do love this poem!! And, to have you read it to me, … can’t imagine the thrill.

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