Is There a Ghost in My House?

We all know I have a habit of writing a preparatory blog about artists I am about to see in concert a few days before I see them; I do this because most of the bands I like are completely unheard-of, and maybe partly because I’ve run out of truly interesting things to write about, but whatever, you’re here, and that’s all that counts.  I’ll try to keep it short.

Band of Horses is one of those indie bands that is super, super hip inside the indie rock community but will probably never break through to the mainstream, as their music is simply not commercial (though they do have a song, “The Funeral”, that has been used in a few car commercials).  Although, they are quite reminiscent of My Morning Jacket, a band that, despite never having a song on the radio, now plays to sold-out stadiums, so I suppose there’s hope for a large audience for Band of Horses. 

They’re actually a fairly new band.  I’m too lazy to look it up but I wanna say they’ve been around since 2005.  A little over a year ago, I put them at #80 on my list of 100 Favorite Bands.  Now, after a third album has been released, I’m sure they’d enter my top 30.

Here’s their only moderately “famous” song, “The Funeral”.  Lyrics are on the video:

They’re a difficult band to amply describe.  Like My Morning Jacket, they seem to draw equal influence from country, rock, and seventies standards, melding all the sounds into something so cool it’s almost corny, or so corny it’s almost cool.  (“The Funeral” is much more “rock-y” than their typical song).  Witness this song, “Factory”, which seems to meld Big Band, Americana (think The Band or Gov’t Mule) and freak-era Bowie. 

Band of Horses also contains one of the more interesting figures in Indie Rock–Ben Bridwell, lead singer/songwriter.  Much in the way The Lemonheads were not a very famous band, but their lead singer Evan Dando was a major spokesman for the music of their time, Bridwell fronts a laregly ignored band but is one of the more interesting figures in indie rock at the current time.  Couple that with the fact that the band doesn’t tour very much and their tours are very brief, and it does in fact feel very special that I’ll be seeing them next week.

Also, opening for them is a band called Brad.  I do not know Brad’s music very much, but I do know that Brad is a side project of a man named Stone Gossard.  Stone is the rhythm guitarist for Pearl Jam!!!  He’s also my third favorite member of Pearl Jam and my favorite guy named Stone, as well as my favorite guy to ever wear an all-orange outfit!  So even though I don’t know the band’s music very well, it’ll be awesome to see Stone up close and see him playing music in a small venue.

Back to Band of Horses:  this is my favorite song of theirs.  I simply cannot get enough of it!

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  1. Mail me a mix disc!

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