Monday’s Song: Pearl Jam, “Hard to Imagine”

Hard to Imagine
by Pearl Jam

Paint a picture using only grey.
Light your pillow. Lay back. Watch the flames.
I’d tell a story but no one would listen that long.
It’s hard to imagine.

Tear into yourself, count days on your arm.
Ah, the beating ticking like a bomb.
After having seen all that they saw,
it’s hard to imagine.

Things were different then.
All is different now.
I tried to explain, somehow.

(I hope this works, somehow.)

One Response to “Monday’s Song: Pearl Jam, “Hard to Imagine””

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Let’s start a discussion Seth readers. What do you think this song means? I can sort of relate some of the lyrics to personal experiences, but I can’t make sense of it completely. What is your take?

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