Hey folks.  Just wanted to quickly point out a tiny but handy new feature I’ve added here on Notes From the Fire.  If you look to the right of the screen, above my picture, you’ll see a drop=down with selections of “categories”.  These are like the “tags” that are always present in that tag cloud over there, but just a tad different.  They are basically more specific than the tags; for instance, there is a “My Poetry” category and a “Other People’s Poetry” category, whereas there is only a “poetry” tag.  Likewise, you can click on the “Chantix Diary” or “Erie Journal” categories, whereas with tags they would have just gone under “Erie” or “Addiction” or whatever I felt tagging it as that day.  It may seem a little confusing, but play around with it a bit.  I swear it makes sense and will eventually make finding an older post you may want to read much, much easier.

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