Lawnchairs, Complications, JUST GO, and Blossoming

1.  What is it about a certain demographic of people that makes them believe that anytime they are watching music outdoors they must be sitting on lawnchairs?

2.  I am really really loving TurningArt.  If you haven’t seen me posting about it on Facebook, TurningArt is like Netflix but for art prints.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a major “art” guy.  I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I do enjoy me some art and over the past few years I’ve begun developing some favorites and some more solid opinions, and I thought TurningArt might help me gain a better appreciation for various kinds of art, much in the way that Netflix has helped me explore new genres of film.  I’m on the “every two months” plan at TurningArt–I get a new print to hang every two months (art takes a tad longer to drink in than a movie does).  My first print for the past month or so has been Peter Roux’s “A Statement of Complicated Mourning #2”.  This is it:

I know at first glance it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to it, but I’ve been really studying it as I come and go out of the apartment every day (it’s hung at the top of my entry stairs) and I’m starting to really dig it.  I’m starting to see some things about why it’s titled what it is, and the skill that is there that at first glance might not be evident (I will, however, spare you my amateur analysis).  I’ve now put the rest of Roux’s prints at the top of my queue.  I might have a new second favorite artist!  (Jan Vermeer will always be my favorite, I think).  Here’s how awesome the print looks hanging in my apartment, in the frame that TurningArt provides:

3.  I’m trying very hard to not immediately turn into a “bicycle guy”, as I know it’s something I just recently picked up and I don’t want to be one of those people who just jumps into and out of passions, but I’ve just got to vent:  having only been an active biker for about 3 weeks now, I am appalled at how motorists ignore us.  Please, when you see a bicyclist, consider the pyhsics that are acting upon them.  When we slam on our brakes, we take the risk of flying off our bike.  It is not like being in a car.  Also, once I’ve stopped for you, just go.  Do not then wave me on after I’ve stopped.  Restarting is not as easy for us as pressing a pedal, so please just go so I can restart properly.  And while I’m ranting:  where have all the bike racks gone???  I’d have rode my bike to the Gin Blossoms concert tonight, except I was down at that festival yesterday during the day on my bike and found only one bike rack, which I did not trust to have any vanancies when I got there tonight.  Bike racks, people, bike racks!  Speaking of the Gin Blossoms show tonight…

4.  They were OK.  They were obviously great musicians but not exciting performers, which sucks when you’re not a huge fan of the music to begin with.  Still, I’m glad I went.  It was cool to see so many songs that are radio staples.  Here is a picture I took:    I must admit though, I left early and ended up watching a local band on a stage down the street.  Check out this video I took of the Gin Blossoms’ “Follow You Down” (which they opened with).  The sound quality is horrible!  My camera is no modern marvel but it usually records sound alright.  What do you think happened?

16 Responses to “Lawnchairs, Complications, JUST GO, and Blossoming”

  1. I really like the Art on Loan For A Couple of Months idea. Am I understanding that correctly? I really like the piece you currently have hanging on your wall too. What a wonderful way to introduce yourself to different artists without having to make a commitment.

    Do all bicyclists feel that way about “Just Go”? It’s good information to have if that is true. And it does make sense.

    As for people in lawnchairs, it could be that some people have physical injuries that prevent them from (1) sitting on the ground comfortably or (2) standing for a long period of time.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yep, you got the idea of TurningArt. It’s pretty rad. Check it out:!

      I’m not sure how all bicyclists feel. And it’s not in all situations. I mean, if I’ve been stopped, and it’s my turn to go, I usually want to go. But if I’ve stopped FOR you, because I couldn’t tell if you were going to stop, and I put my feet on the ground and everything, I totally want you to go.

      I suppose you might be right about the lawn chairs.

  2. And you’re right, the recording isn’t very good. Not sure what happened. Too close to a speaker perhaps?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah I was right in front of a speaker. It’s just that I’ve been right in front of them before, too, and it turned out fine, but I guess these things are different every time.

  3. That is a lovely piece of artwork! I’d love to see it closer! Any idea where the original is displayed?

  4. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    -How much does that art thing cost if you don’t mind me asking? You gotta have a lot of wine and cheese parties at your house so when people see the art tell them you painted it. No one will know.

    Two of my favorite artists that I learned about when working at the home shopping show were Yaacov Agam and Eyvind Earle.

    I wanna be a bike guy. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while. I guess they cost money though. I pissed off a guy on a bike once though. I thought I had more room than I did. I guess he had to slam on his brakes. He followed me into the parking lot I turned into and chewed me out.

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with your camera. You were just sitting right in front of a pterodactyl.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      The cheapest TurningArt plan—new art every three months–is 9.99 a month.

      Check your local craigslist, sometimes there are bikes for dirt cheap on there.

      Dude that would be so badass if there was a pterodactyl in Erie!

      • Kyle Sundgren Says:

        There is no craigslist for Ridgecrest!

      • Did you try going there and typing in “Ridgecrest”? I just did and lots of stuff came up but I didn’t look for a bike. I have one in my backyard you might be able to fix up. Come look at it.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        Even is there is no specific craigslist for ridgecrest, there must be one for the area that encompasses you, no? When I was living in Carlisle, the Harrisburg craigslist had Carlisle listings on it. Or you could just go look at Denise’s bike.

  5. The beauties of biking. Aren’t there poles around to attach bike to? I got a huge chain in Chicago (because of theft) but it allowed me to attach my bike to crazy things (like odwalla trucks and stuff). If bike racks aren’t provided then local businesses have no right getting pissed off if you attach your bike to their railing or something. But this might be something to pursue with the city government.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I have found a few poles and various other things but not quite enough in the actual downtown area. There are two colleges off of downtown, and I’ve found plenty of bike racks there, but then it becomes a walk to get to downtown an if I wanted to walk I wouldn’t have biked!

  6. Hey! I sit on lawnchairs at outdoor events! ;) Guess it’s an age thing. ;)

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