Audio Poem: America’s Fattest Pro-Skateboarder

Written: 2003
Collection:  The Mundorf Bench

America’s Fattest Pro-Skateboarder

I only see him for a short moment
ambling along the sidewalk by my car
maybe fourteen, maybe nineteen, who knows,
backwards fitted cap obviously new,
a Hook-Ups board tucked deep into sweaty
armpit hell.  The slick wooden board quivers
under the gyrations of the boy’s fat.
Suddenly I’m scared he’ll actually
try to hop on it right in front of me
so I can helplessly watch it shatter,
but he just glances sidelong at the car
as I pass, and heaves massive oxygen
into still-young lungs.  Somewhere, in some past,
reside dreams of photos in magazines,
shoe deals, and medals bestowed on halfpipes;
long afternoons at the park grinding curbs.
Now he’ll have to settle in like the crowd
for long car rides, Atkins-diet saneness,
and, briefly, just once, slow dancing in rain.

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