Audio Poem: “Here Are My Plans”

Moving out, finally from Open When I Get There, we now move into the second sober collection, The Mundorf Bench—so named for the bench where most of the poems in the collection were written, deep in the Bernadette Morales Nature Preserve in Flemington, New Jersey.  Though truly, there is little difference between Mundorf and Open When I Get There, as they were both written in the 6 months I lived with my mother in Jersey, and as I’ve said before—probably the 6 most exciting months of my writing.

Today’s audio poem is “Here Are My Plans”.  I do not have a copy on a computer, and it’s very long, so there’s no way for me to put one here for you to follow along with (it would take way too long for me to type in).  I also explain a little bit in an intro in the audio file.  Enjoy!

Here Are My Plans 

4 Responses to “Audio Poem: “Here Are My Plans””

  1. I’m exhausted. And I want to go. Make room for me in that car, Baby. Make room…

  2. I am speechless!!! I want to see a typed copy sometime!

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