Hospital Beds

OK I’m not actually trying to talk any of you into liking Hey Rosetta! anymore, but seriously, I’ve just now fully understood the complete perfection of thier song “Hospital Beds”.  It is a kind of perfection that sneaks up on you, both lyrically and musically.  Just please, I implore you, at least read the lyrics.  Seriously, can you believe this is a modern song, when they could be the words to a classic poem???  Tim Baker is a god, period.

But also, if you’ve got some time (you do) click the YouTube link and give the song a listen.  It’s the studio version.  What makes the song ballsy, musically, in my opinion, is the fact that it does contain a “build up” or crescendo, but it doesn’t use a super-tempo change or time signature alterations to grab your attention; it basically crescendoes by the musicians playing with immense feeling and emotion, as is befitting such heavy (but not-pretentious) subject matter.   I’m not sure when the last time was that I could tell the fucking bassist was in tune with the content of the song.  Makes me freaking cry.

So anyway.  It would seem I’m not gonna shut up about Hey Rosetta! anytime soon.  You might as well get on this train with me!  Below is the YouTube  video of the song, as well as the lyrics (with my own page layout as Tim’s is not available. I realize I kinda went out on a limb putting the last stanza is parentheses but it seems right).

Hospital Beds
lyrics by Tim Baker

When I’m dying,
promise compliance.
And carry my body
up over the fence
and lie me on the moss.
We’ll hide my spirit from the gods
and when they come looking
we’ll be lying in the park.

I don’t want wires.
I know they’re trying to bring me back,
but no more plastic;
I’ve had my piles of all that.
I’ve been swathed in inventions
ever since I ventured to the light,
and I’m leaving empty
with just my sacrifice.

(Cause you sacrifice
all of your life
and when you die,
is that alright?
When you’re bathed in light,
and when your body bursts wide open,
do you start to cry?
Not cause you die, but cause
you die still hoping?)

6 Responses to “Hospital Beds”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Alright, make me a compilation disc. I’m gonna send you one soon…as soon as I get expensive stamp money! I’m thinking I’m just send you a hodge podge of many different artists. No more than one Prince song, if any. Sound like a deal?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      deal. remember, you did send me all of purple rain once, to no effect. I eagerly await you getting stamp money! In the meantime, of course, I should be more than happy to send you a Hey Rosetta compilation!

      (also, a little birdy told me that you should , starting right now, close your ears and eyes to everything about LOST. I’m not saying why. I’m just saying a birdie told me)

      • Kyle Sundgren Says:

        Yeah. I’m still convinced there’s a Prince song out there that you’ll be like, “Yeah, that was pretty awesome”.

        When we both receive our discs in the mail we should write a blog breaking down our thoughts on the songs one by one. That could be, you know, grand.

        I’m thoroughly confused by your LOST statement, but I guess I’ll have to put aside my Ornithology major for the mean time.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        Indeed. Blog idea sounds grand.

        I’m saying I found a way to make you watch at the very least a few episodes of LOST, and although I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about the show, start avoiding further spoilers. Details to come.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I’m usually not one for spoilers, but will you at least tell me if the band ever gets Rosetta’s attention?

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