Living Like Living Was Good

I can rise in the morning and electricity like bugs will crawl from the top of myself down through my extremities and out my toes to meet the world.  This can be in excitement or dread but it is never in boredom.  Boredom would be to not feel the sunshine, or the echoing confines of an empty room, or the dawning smiles of the friends who love your own dawning smiles.

I can drive along colorless interstates and imagine each unique spot in the countryside as we pass. That tiny grove back in the field that no one can be bothered to safely look at: I bet it gets nice shade, and is full of happy and fattened bugs and rabbits.  I’d like to read a nice comfy book there.  I’d like to nap like a praire animal.  Smell it’s smell.

I can light incense in the living room and dance poorly naked.  I can wear new socks without shoes when I take the garbage out.  I can make instant coffee and smell the vapors coming off it, my nose a visceral clitoris. I can wear any hat I want, but I don’t.

I can sit on my couch and turn off everything that uses electricity.  I can be in the silent dark.  I can live like living was good.

2 Responses to “Living Like Living Was Good”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I like hats! Why would you not wear a hat!?

    It’s easier to have a start to your day like this when you don’t live with a wonderful but maniacal two year old!

    Great blog. This state of mind is what I will shoot for the rest of the day. While drunk, this will be a breeze!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I’m just not a hat guy. I don’t like how they feel. Also, I never have enough hair that it could even get a little messy, so I never even have a “need” for a hat.

      Yes living with a 2 year old is not easy!

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