I just had a really awesome day.

While I’d love nothing more than to write a lengthy, detailed narrative of said awesome day, I don’t really have time, so I’m just gonna tell you about one moment that was a really knockout moment for me.

I was in Buffalo, NY to see an Ed Kowalczyk show (he’s the former lead singer of LIVE).  The show was a free show in a small park in a square in downtown.  I arrived around noon (first openng act was to go on at 5) and parked about 20 feet from the park.  I spent awhile scoping out the venue (the stage was up and there was ‘staff’ milling about, but the park was otherwise empty) and then I commenced wandering around the city for a bit.

(quick side note:  I love Buffalo.  Why?  It’s the most pedestrian-centric city I’ve ever been in.  Wider sidewalks than Manhattan, soft music piped EVERYWHERE.  You can’t even see the speakers, they must be hidden in planters, etc…just a great city to walk around in.  I’ll post a full entry about this sometime)

Anyway, after about two hours of wandering I ended up just a block from the stage a Lafayette Square, sitting at an outdoor table at a coffee shop, drinking a really delicious, piping hot caramel latte.  The sun was shining, it was about 80 degrees with a gentle lake breeze, I had nowhere to go, the quiet light jazz was being piped onto the street from somewhere, and life was just really freaking nice.  (this was when I Facebook-statused “LML”).   It was an incredibly simple, beautiful moment, and it’s magnificence was not lost on me. 

After sitting and enjoying the moment for a few minutes, I was jarred to reality by the thought that an Ed Kowalczyk song was playing down at the square (this was still only about 3pm).  I thought, It’s quite odd they’d play an Ed song on the day of an Ed show, as I thought they had simply started playing music through the massive speakers set up for the concert.  but after a few minutes I realized the sound was too “live”.  Ed was soundchecking!  I got up and walked (did not run) down the block to the park.  Ed and his band were playing one of the new songs off Ed’s solo album (which I did not hear any of until I bought it at the merch table after the show, so I fear I’ll never know what song I hear them soundcheck).  There were about 6 people in the park watching Ed’s soundcheck, and I suspect all of them just happened to be in the park.  I’m pretty sure I was the only Ed fan there.  I stood in the center of the park and watched Ed Kowalczyk play a song just for me, while still sipping my latte and enjoying the sunshine and breeze.  This was an incredible moment. 

After they were done playing, I took this video of Ed talking into the mic to prove how alone I was in the park:

9 Responses to “LML”

  1. Chandra Says:

    soooooooooooooooooo jealous! I wish you knew what song it was! how was the show?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It was a really good show!! Not as good as an actual LIVE show, but the band he has is surprisingyl awesome, his new songs are surprisingly good, and Ed is the same showman he always is. Biggest complaint is that, as far as LIVE songs, it’s totally “greatest hits”, but I knew that would be the casr going in. I’ll see him again with this band.

  2. billhanna Says:

    That sounds like a pretty awesome day. Good Job, sir.

  3. Wow, sounds awesome.

  4. So cool !!! I am glad you are enjoying your days off !!!

  5. Um that fuckin’ rules.

  6. Did his new band play any live songs at the show? How many people showed up to the actual concert? I’ve never been to Buffalo but one of my good friends grew up there. About all I know is that it snows a lot and they have a crappy football team. Pedestrian friendly sounds like my kind of place though.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah it’s about half Ed songs, half LIVE songs. The LIVE songs are of a “greatest hits” variety, with the exceptions of “The Beauty of Grey”, which was nice. The park was totally packed, I’d guess the attendance to be around 5,000. Don’t underestimate 90s nostalgia.

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