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Hospital Beds

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OK I’m not actually trying to talk any of you into liking Hey Rosetta! anymore, but seriously, I’ve just now fully understood the complete perfection of thier song “Hospital Beds”.  It is a kind of perfection that sneaks up on you, both lyrically and musically.  Just please, I implore you, at least read the lyrics.  Seriously, can you believe this is a modern song, when they could be the words to a classic poem???  Tim Baker is a god, period.

But also, if you’ve got some time (you do) click the YouTube link and give the song a listen.  It’s the studio version.  What makes the song ballsy, musically, in my opinion, is the fact that it does contain a “build up” or crescendo, but it doesn’t use a super-tempo change or time signature alterations to grab your attention; it basically crescendoes by the musicians playing with immense feeling and emotion, as is befitting such heavy (but not-pretentious) subject matter.   I’m not sure when the last time was that I could tell the fucking bassist was in tune with the content of the song.  Makes me freaking cry.

So anyway.  It would seem I’m not gonna shut up about Hey Rosetta! anytime soon.  You might as well get on this train with me!  Below is the YouTube  video of the song, as well as the lyrics (with my own page layout as Tim’s is not available. I realize I kinda went out on a limb putting the last stanza is parentheses but it seems right).

Hospital Beds
lyrics by Tim Baker

When I’m dying,
promise compliance.
And carry my body
up over the fence
and lie me on the moss.
We’ll hide my spirit from the gods
and when they come looking
we’ll be lying in the park.

I don’t want wires.
I know they’re trying to bring me back,
but no more plastic;
I’ve had my piles of all that.
I’ve been swathed in inventions
ever since I ventured to the light,
and I’m leaving empty
with just my sacrifice.

(Cause you sacrifice
all of your life
and when you die,
is that alright?
When you’re bathed in light,
and when your body bursts wide open,
do you start to cry?
Not cause you die, but cause
you die still hoping?)

The Fountain in Perry Square, downtown Erie, 7/29

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Living Like Living Was Good

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I can rise in the morning and electricity like bugs will crawl from the top of myself down through my extremities and out my toes to meet the world.  This can be in excitement or dread but it is never in boredom.  Boredom would be to not feel the sunshine, or the echoing confines of an empty room, or the dawning smiles of the friends who love your own dawning smiles.

I can drive along colorless interstates and imagine each unique spot in the countryside as we pass. That tiny grove back in the field that no one can be bothered to safely look at: I bet it gets nice shade, and is full of happy and fattened bugs and rabbits.  I’d like to read a nice comfy book there.  I’d like to nap like a praire animal.  Smell it’s smell.

I can light incense in the living room and dance poorly naked.  I can wear new socks without shoes when I take the garbage out.  I can make instant coffee and smell the vapors coming off it, my nose a visceral clitoris. I can wear any hat I want, but I don’t.

I can sit on my couch and turn off everything that uses electricity.  I can be in the silent dark.  I can live like living was good.

My Fifteen Minutes of Comic Book Fame

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Going through a box of old stuff this morning, I came across the October, 1993 issue of Doom 2099, a comic book that hasn’t been published since…oh, early 1994!  I loved it, though.  It really spoke to young Seth.  And so it was one day in late 1993 (you do the math, I was born in ’78) that my newest issue came in the mail, and in the letters section was…a letter printed that I had written!  I shall re-create word-for-word that letter here for all to see because you all care very much.  Here it is:

Dear Joey,

Doom 2099 is the best written comic book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.  With each issue I’m left desperately wondering what’ll happen next.  The cyberspace story arc was simply incredible.  Just when you thought Doom and Wire were down and out, they find some way back!
        Although Pat’s art isn’t spectacular, it’s perfect for Doom. Mr. Broderick seems to be able to express Doom’s emotions despite his mask.  Kudos all around.
        Lastly, I love the quotes.  They sum up the meaning of the stories and make the comic seem like you can actually learn something from it!  Please keep it up!

Have I Broke All the Rules That I Made?

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1.  I think of myself as so hip that I am beyond “advertising not working on me”—I am so hip that I allow it to work on me.  And yet I also consciously know that this is bullshit in some way.  Advertising and how it works has got to be one of the most complicated things humans have come up with.

2.  In Erie, they just pick your trash up for free.  You sit it at the curb on the assigned night in any container (even just a trash bag) that you want, and they take it.  This seems odd to me, but maybe my experience is too limited.  Is it like this elsewhere?

3.  Hey readers who are older than me: do you think there are just some people you are in love with forever and ever and ever (even if you’ve never “been with them”)?  If so, is this good or bad? (younger readers, I’d love to hear your thoughts too, but there’s just something about the insight more time can give a person)

4.  Who here have I not tried to convince that the band Seven Mary Three is amazing?  I am gonna street team this band until I die or they break up.  If I haven’t yet done much to try to persuade you, and you’re open to it, message me your address and let me send you a series of monthly mix discs.  I honestly think this band being overlooked is one of our culture’s great tragedies.

5.  Speaking of me sending people things:  a good deal of you may have noticed that I dig sending people things in the mail, both things I have created (like poetry collections and mix discs) and things I just freakin buy for you.  I know this may seem weird to some of you, or like I have some ulterior motive.  This is not the sort of thing people do!  Well please rest assured I am not trying to get into anyone’s pants, nor am I turning gay or creepy.  See, I do have an ulterior motive:  I want you to like the same things I like.  The day I start sending you stuff you like and I don’t like, get worried.  I’m just a guy with some disposable income who likes to spread my passions around.  Calm down already.  (and if I don’t send you stuff in the mail, ask yourself, what’s wrong with me? haha.  I’m a dick)

6.  sigh

7.  People people people!!!  Everyone pronounces the store Target as though it were French.  Tar-szhayYou did not make that shit up.

8.  Along the same lines as my recent “we-need-more-good-roles-for-women-in-movies” rant, note to male songwriters:  how about trying to work in more gender-neutral pronouns?  Despite the handful of mega-famous female singers, the majority of singers and songwriters in our culture are still male (especially in rock), and I don’t know how you ladies put up with having to sing along to male-pronouned love stories all the time.  Maybe I’m just getting too sensitive to the issue?

Something a crazy woman gave me

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Originally posted to my MySpace blog, July 27, 2006. 

I was sitting at a table outside the coffee shop this morning when a crazy lady approached me and gave me a piece of paper.  I knew she was crazy because she was dressed and spoke like a crazy person, and the piece of paper she gave me–while it may in fact be a work of brilliance–also happens to be crazy.  It is an 8X11 sheet of paper.  It is a photocopy, and it is copied on both sides.  It is her scrawled, cursive handwriting.  I would almost call it a manifesto, although most might call it a missive.  It makes no sense, but it is brilliant. It is also quite sad.  It should be stated for the record that this woman was black.  That is important in the context of her manifesto.  Some of the contents herein sounds racist or contain some racist-sounding material.  Any asterisks used to “bleep” out slurs are of my own invention; the crazy women used the full slur.  I present it to you here in full, except the parts which are fully illegible. Also note: I do not present this to make fun of the woman, but rather because I found it to be a somewhat engaging read. Some of the material could be considered ‘sensitive’ and not for a squeamish reader. Here it is:

White Light For Protection

Black Church Army. Reverse the Offenses Back to Kurston Now.  A National Black Microwave Abuse Opression for Ten Years. Life Abuse, Soul Abuse, Box Abuse in every store.  Moron Microwave Abuse Oppression for Prostitution. Dropping Mechanism to Abuse Women. Hazel the Offense, Oral Sex Offense.  Black Line to a Black Take Quick. It’s Organization Errand Boy.  Howard Warner, pimp man in the night.

The Offense: 50 Black Frames, 50 White Areas and 50 Black Ghetto Drug Addict Armies. The bathroom, Button Technology Hut OffenseThis Offense (unreadable few words) Black Coat in the Night By Attacking My Women. They are Avenging, Owning and Collecting on their Own Offenses Against Me. They (unknown word) my Travel in Front of Their Oppression Against me to Collect on The Offense Funds.  They Need the Offenses to Finance Their Offenses Against Me. They Wash Boy (word unreadable) Ringwald Port Technology On Me to Send Me to the Bathroom to be Dropped, Attacked, and Over-Washed.  This Offense is on Your Microwave Technology to Abuse Every Woman Here.

Kursten Sawyer: Chemical White Men and Women Ni***rs
Mr. and Mrs. John Rodwin Ringwald (Ms. California) Is Transporting by School Bus and Van 20-50 Black Ghetto Drug Addicts, Straight Men, Coat Men Because They Don’t want to Pay For the Attacks.  He is On His Black Line Sending Directions For Black Men to Come And (unreadable word) to Attack it (Wealthy White Puss) (His White Girl Party).

Ten Offenses Per Man, 200 Attacks Per Woman

They are selling offenses to Ames, Des Moines, Iowa, to put on their Women Microwave Technology to profit from it, profiteering offenses. One minute per offense.  50 Black Frames.

They say the Oppression is Against One but the Line is open to Attack Upon the Whole Town.

26,000 Offenses per night
(on white towns)

Not Automatic or Accelerating Offenses;
Not the exchanging of souls.

The reverse process of line technology

Wash Boy focuses flow reverse the tracks on the bathroom.  Hotel accomodations and the Domestic Violence Safe House to Attack Me.  We have ten black prominent woman friars that (unreadable word) and control the National Black frames to help him do these offenses to me, The House, and The Area.  Coat Boy, Rodwin Ringwald brisk into my Domestic Violence Safe Shelters and hotel accomodations everyday and right to attack me and the Patrons.

Reverse the offenses back to the Sender and the Owner.  Now.  Then. Put down everything they can’t smell.  Here, Black Church Women. Hazel, Rita and Kursten.  His offense Oral Sex. His offense ding ding. I.E. Klausman Heather White Supremacist NOW.

Delivery Boy.  Coat Woman.  Own them. (Two whole unreadable sentences.)

Trillion Dollar Level, Can’t Pay Back, Beston’s illegal collection.  My Black Oppressors Too Are White, Now to Collect on the Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense funds, And Her Protection.  They Have White Light, White Coats, and White Drapes.  White Box.  They’re White Men in the Night.

(here she has drawn, flush right, what appears to be an infinity symbol with a “figure eight” inside one of the symbol’s loops.)

Check the Box on Your Frame       I Don’t Know These Men and Women
Check Your Microwave Technology

(this takes us now to the back side of the paper, where she begins to write larger and much more legibly.)

Black Church Ghetto Army.  Directives From Kursten Sawyer.  Organization Black Men, Howard Warner, Pimp Man in the Night.  A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years in Every Building.  Controlling My Wash in a Prostitution Oppression.  Black Man, Howard Gordon, Owns the White Boy from Atlanta, GA.  To Control the Whole Town in a Prostitution Oppression to Abuse Everything.  Black Coat Woman Oppression.  Black Men and Women in the Night of the Black Church.  Pimps in the Night.  The gutter of the Black Church and the Ghetto.

1. Three Main Frames (whole microwave technology). They have enough technology to control three (3) Counties. It takes ten (10) Black Frames to control the Counties.  Thirty (30) Black Ministers. Chemical White Processed Ni***rs to Collect on the Offense Funds Stalking My Travel.

2.  Black Line Abuse.  John Rodwin Ringwald’s Pimp Line-Up.  They say that they are my Brain, Spiritual Direction. They Have a White Box Saying White Racism and Microwave Abuse.

3. Black Box Abuse.  Carl Wyman owns the Black Box to Control the Whole Town in a Prostitution Oppression to Abuse Everything.  He employs white men in the night to travel them safe and open the lines to the town to attack me and hand over white towns to their black men and women in the night to abuse (offense funds).

4.  Microwave Technology 667.  A prostitution technology Now. John Rodwin Ringwald put a Klansman Raft on the technology to attack black women.

5.  Microwave Moron (this word is possible Meron, whatever that may be) Technology The Whole Toen For Prostitutes.  Hazel Flu Offense, Oral Sex Offense on the White Wealthy Towns, Men women children and government officials and white domestic violence shelters.  No one sees the offense.

6. They put their hands on my money.

7.  My raft 2257.  My raft says I am not to be refused a service.

8. Twenty Million Black frames.  Hazel the offense controls the black frames.  She owns the oral sex offense on your wealthy white men, women and children.

Audio Poem: “Burial”

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Another one from Open When I Get There.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that really digs this one, but I’ve always really loved it.  It’s from a memory of a funeral I attended with a girlfriend years before the poem was written; my main memory of the experience being how odd it was to be so close to a busy road during a funeral, and that nobody seemed sad.  It did seem to kinda beg the question about why we were there.  Here’s “Burial”:


Why exactly was it we gathered
on a crest without tears
so close to the road
we could feel wind made by cars?

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