Erie Journal, 5/25

Having now been in Erie for going on two weeks, and having met some of the locals through work, I am ready to make some pronouncements about the city:

I absolutely don’t understand how the city works.  There is absolutely much, much more blight and econimically depressed areas than there are succesful and wealthy areas.  And yet, EVERYWHERE you look, over every square mile of Erie (which is vast) there are more businesses (density-wise) than anywhere I’ve ever seen.  And I’m not just talking about shoddy, run-down corner stores.  I am talking about nearly every chain of everything you’ve ever seen or heard of.  In the middle fo a slum, here’s a mega-CVS.  In the middle of an upper-class neighborhood, here’s a Value City Furniture.  I mean shit is just everywhere and I don’t understand where all the people come from to go to these places.  I simply do not understand the econimics.  But I love the choices!

In addition, Erie-ites (I don’t knwo the real term for them/us yet) have no idea they are a big city.  Anytime I bring up the differences between Harrisburg and Erie, the Erie-ite invaruiably says “Yeah, but Harrisburg is so much bigger than Erie!”.  This is quite untrue.  (Current Erie population: 103,000.  Current Harrisburg populationL 47,000.)  Harrisburg has a half-decent skyline that makes it look like a city, but it’s only like 3 miles square or something like that! 

There is alot of really great history here that I’ve only just begun to dig into.  It’s not as rich as the history in Central PA, but it’s a tad more unique.  You’d be surprised how interesting things can get when there’s a HUGE lake in your history!  More to come as I uncover it.

In short, I must say, I love it here.  It’s got just about everything I want: a metropolitan area (that is quaintly self-deprecating) with a surrounding area of rich and storied nature, important American historical sites, a thriving arts community, pretty ladies, rock and roll venues, and on and on.  It really is quite nice!

And there is just soooooooo much to do!  For instance, this morning (after I got off work following an overnight shift), I stopped by Presque Isle State Park for a few gorgeous, relaxing early mornign moments, then I drove down to the pier and paid 3 bucks to take the elevator to the top for a breathtaking view and some great pics.  Then I stopped into a quaint little place called The Erie Book Store and bought two books (I was the only customer the whole half hour I was in there).  Then I swung by the Erie Art Museum, where for four dollars I spent a very, very satisfying hour and a half perusing a surprisingly mature and daring collection of art.  Then, what else?  A chinese buffet!!!  And now I’m home before 3pm and tired as hell but quite satisfied.  It was sunny all morning and my body is covered in dried sweat—a feeling I am quite fond of.  Here are some pictures from today (a more comprehensive collection will be posted to Facebook):

The Bayfront Convention Center as seen from the Pier tower

"Drama #15" by Rachel Burke

"Untitled" by Jaimee Lindvay

"Sea of Kinnereth" by Justin Sorenson

A door that was supposed to be locked in the museum had been left open. I peeked in. Inside was a wheelchair and about two case's worth of unopened beer bottles.

And some new footage I took of the lake:

click here

7 Responses to “Erie Journal, 5/25”

  1. shannon Says:

    Very interesting. Sounds like a fabulous day!! I have to admit while admiring your fresh start and single lifestyle in this new pursuit of history and culture I am feeling a tad jealous.

  2. Did you edit that very blue looking picture? It has some crazy coloring. Nice shots.

  3. Shannon is right. This adventurous new chapter is so delightful! In the old days, I would have been bereft over your move. Now, I can get a feel for your excitement mixed with a calm ownership of the city, lake, and park. Please continue with your postings. Love you.

  4. I love these Erie updates. It sounds like you are having a grand time. Cant wait to hear more

  5. cory w. Says:

    i love them too!

  6. Billhanna Says:

    Congrats, sir. I am positively jealous.

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