Erie Journal, 5/16

Picking up the story from where I left off yesterday, all you really need to know about after I woke up here my first morning is that I spent essentially the next three days getting my apartment in order, the way I wanted it.  It was an enormous task and I didn’t really do anything other than work on it, other than semi-regular trips to Wal-Mart to get things I hadn’t anticipated needing  (25 feet of coaxial cable, more and more blinds, electrical tape, etc) and a few trips to Marci’s Eat ‘n Park (this is NOT the one I’ll be working at) to visit with a familiar face and eat some (free) familiar food.  I really did have a grand time, sequestered in my new but increasinly beloved apartment, making all kinds of decisions and lifting and moving things and staying up all hours of the night and never, ever setting an alarm clock and all kinds of great neat things.  Just a few things of note that I’d like to mention from those few days:

1.  I HATE Time Warner Cable.  Perhaps once I’m finally done with “Erie Journals” I’ll post a blog detailing my hatred for them.

2.  If there were more drive-thru/delivery methods of procuring espresso beverages in the world, I’d be giving the world alot more of my money.

3.  I’m sad that I don’t have more physical photos of the people I love that I could hang up.

4.  Having an attic is one of my most favorite things ever.  I can finally keep non-neccesities such as childhood mementos, etc, without jamming them into closests (which then results in never having enough room for clothes).

5.  I basically designed my apartment to have one bedroom, two living rooms, and a “great hall”.  This is very, very neat.  I do not consider the room with my computer an “office”.  It is much cooler than that (but don’t call it a “man cave”; I do not need a man cave as I live by myself, this whole place is a man cave!).  Ah hell, I just decided to video tape the apartment and show it to you.  Here it is (it’s a tad dark, sorry).  Also I’m currently having some trouble embedding so you’ll have to click through:

I actually just finished the apartment this morning (Sunday) by hanging the remaining artwork and putting a few more extraneous items into the attic.  After finishing up around 2pm, I finally felt free to venture out into Erie and do some exploring.  Now, I’ve been motoring around this place a tiny bit for Wal-Mart, food and other minor things, but I still really do not understand how the city is laid out or how to get anywhere.  My GPS has really been a savior during these days (and I can and will finally say, with authority, that OnStar GPS is far superior to your handheld or mounted units).  If I needed to go to Wal-Mart, I’d get in the car, press the OnStar button and tell the operator I needed to get to the closest Wal-Mart.  That is all I have to say, and then the catr just narrates me there.  I don’t even have to look at anything.  Then, since I’m not sure how to get home, after I’m done at the Wal-Mart I just give the OnStar people my home address and it takes me back home!  So although I’ve been here for 4 days I have no idea how to get anywhere.  I know two things: which general direction the lake is in, and which general direction Marci’s Eat ‘n Park is in.  So when I left the apartment this afternoon, my agenda was thus:  to see the lake (probably from Presque Isle state park), to see whatever downtown there is of Erie, and to get some non-Eat ‘n Park food, cause I was hungry as hell.  So I just started driving.  Here is a pictorial representation of my journey:

One of the first things I see as I approach the lake BLEW MY MIND: The Niagra, a ship from the War of 1812, actually sailing on the lake!!! I need to learn more about this.

Stumbled upon an aging (an obviously close to failing) amusement park, Waldamere Park. It's the kind of park you can just walk into. You pay as you ride. It is incredibly quaint and mildly sad.

Bumper cars at Waldameer

ride at Waldameer

sad waldameer parking lot

This is the BAY side of Presque Isle, not actually a view of Lake Erie

A pretty awesome attribute in a state park: public restrooms


The Perry Monument, commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812

another view of the Perry Monument

The base of the Perry Monument

"downtown" Erie, essentially deserted on a Sunday afternoon

The park in the center of downtown. I was unable to find out what the park's name is

more of the park

I almost walked right past this place, which claims to be "Erie's Home for Rock and Roll", and it looks legit. Their immediate schedule includes the band Saving Abel---a band I'd never listen to, but a national band. I have a feeling Sherlock's and I are going to have a friendship.

And since I’m having trouble embedding, click throguh to see my video of Lake Erie: (halfway down through th epictures, because apparently I cannot control where this text goes)

And my video of a baby goose on Presque Isle:

So, although I feel I’ve skipped a lot of great details, that brings us up to this moment.  I don’t start work until Thursday, though I am going there tomorrow briefly to meet my new Regional Director.  Other than that, the next three days are mine to do whatever I want. 

I might be all alone (and I do miss all of you!), but I am also, for like the millionth time in my life, having the time of my life and loving, just loving, being alive.  I’ll keep the Erie Journals going for another week or so until life starts to roll along with work, etc, and then we can get back to some regular pompous blogs that nobody reads.  :)  Love you, Fearless Reader!

6 Responses to “Erie Journal, 5/16”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I think I figured out the difference between you and I, besides the obvious ones (age and geography). You’re gay and I’m straight.

    AHAHAHAHA no that’s not it. No, you’ve got money and I don’t. If I had money I’d have a place of my own and make my own man cave and explore the town with no care to money spent just like you are. I’m living vicariously through these Erie journals. Isn’t it amazing how I can always make my comment on your blogs about me?

    I know you are, but cherish this time where you’ve not started working and all you can do is live life on your own terms, cuz soon it will just be work schedule and annoying customers.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      you’re absolutely right, money really does make a difference. They say it can’t buy happiness, but I’ll tell you one thing: being poor makes being happy a little bit harder than having money does. Even just a minor thing like…I want some coffee, oh there’s a Tim Horton’s, I’ll go through the drive thru with zero consideration about money…those little details that can add up and make a day really special. I’ve been on both sides of money, and having it is much, much better.

      Oh trust me I am enjoying it while I can, though even after I start work I’ll still have a ton of free time, as I have ZERO friends or relatives here so all my free time will be me time. Marci is a co-worker who I suppose I’ll spend some time with but in the end it will be very minimal.

  2. Chandra Says:

    I am loving those Presque Isle pics.

  3. I really lik the Erie Journal. I can really get a feel for your apartment and your surroundings. Please keep it up. Thanks.

  4. Knowing you like I do, I am sure the friends will pile up just like they did farther east. The relatives will be a phone call or text away.

    I adore this post and all the pictures and videos. It is like we are with you. Love the duckie!

  5. This was much nicer towards the reader than previous posts. Love that you stumbled into a hole in the wall amusement park…that doesn’t happen every day.

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