Erie Journal, 5/13

I still have no time whatsoever to write abou the move, so photo entries will continue to have to suffice.  I’ll just take the time to say this: eff Time Warner cable.  Now, without further ado, pics from actual moving day yesterday with Michael and I:

First thing in the morning, in the U-Haul

Early morning in the U-Haul

Rest stop!

I am the king

What will be the dining room

From the dining room, looking into what will be the living room

In the larger bedroom


in the smaller bedroom

Michael in the kitchen, as seen through the window from the enclosed balcony

the enclosed balcony

Michael carrying some stuff off the U-Haul, as seen from my entry stairs

the u-haul

we were victorious over the couch!


The dining room, packed full

Michael feeling the burn!

2 Responses to “Erie Journal, 5/13”

  1. Damn dude! The new apartment KICKS ASS!

  2. I’m with Adi. NICE! Yay for you and Michael.

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