Erie Journal, 5/11

Putting the finishing touches on packing.  Homies Burke and Paul will be here soon to help me get it on the U-Haul.  I still have some stuff on the walls and some stuff to throw out but otherwise I’m mostly done:

4 Responses to “Erie Journal, 5/11”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    That’s a really cool hallway leading to your door. I hope at least once you’ve layed there naked. That hallway for a bachelor just screams “lay here naked and be free!”. I don’t mean this as a sexual thing, but if you’re single with a hallway like that, you just gotta explore it naked. I’m really digging a hole for myself so I’ll just shut up.

  2. I would have like to have seen a picture with Burke and myself holding your archery set and captioned thusly:

    “Paul and Burke move the holder of my bow and arrow”

    Paul Burk holder Burke Bow and(en)

    I would also like to add:
    ALL hallways are made to be naked in. It really is just a matter of finding oppritunity……Also, Seth would leave the door leading to that hallway open all time from outside….I’ve been naked there

  3. you called me “Homie”….yo

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