Erie Journal, 5/5

The pictures did not cooperate with where I wanted them placed in this entry but I don’t have time to fix them.  You’ll just have to figure out where they’re supposed to be.

Naturally, when you have to wait days and days to post something that at one point seemed of note, or especially interesting, once you sit down to write it, all those terribly interesting details begin to fade away and it seems much less important to dpcument what happened a week ago.  So the super-interesting blog I teased about the last week isn’t really going to matrerialize.  I’ll boil that week down for you like this:

1.  Computer breaks on my only day off in 13 days, the day I was going to begin searching for apartments online.

2.  Work 6 straight days (of dayshift…the worst) following computer breakage. Order part my buddy Duane thinks may fix computer.  Wait.

3.  Crazy stuff going on at work.  Often too tired to pack when I get home at night.

4.  Part comes in.  Duane installs.  Doesn’t work.  Have to go to Best Buy, buy a new computer, set it up at night between dayshifts.

5.  Call my mom to do an online apartment search for me as I can’t do it myself.  Then call the numbers she gave me the next morning from work.  Set up 6 apartments to look at on Monday, May 4th.  Was trying really hard to split them between the 4th and 5th, as I was going to Erie those two days (my ONLY two days off in a row since I found out I was moving), but all the damn landlords insisted on Monday.  So, starting at 2pm, I had an appointment an hour to see apartments up until 7pm. 

Maybe it doesn’t sound so complicated and stressful to you now, but try living it, assbrain.  The whole week I would just occasionally stop to think, I’ve gotta move in a week or so.  I guess I’ll do something about that in a week or so.  It was a very unpleasant thought.

So now, yesterday:

A fellow EnP manager, marci, has already moved to Erie, so the idea was that I’d get to Erie a little early (1pm, which meant leaving around 7am), meet her at her EnP where she was working a dayshift, I’d go to the first few appointments myself, then after Marci got off work she’d come to the last few appointments with me so i could get her 2 cents.  Then we’d have some dinner or something, then I’d spend the night at her place, then Tuesday I’d decide which apartment(s) I wanted, fill out applications or whatever, and hiopefully maybe finalize something.

First, the drive:  it is long.  Very long.  No matter how you slice it, it si a five hour drive.  I found that even a five hour drive is not long enough to bore me or make me stop dancing in my seat.  However, it was quite rainy and that was annoying.  I had the interesting experience of driving through areas of my state I had never been to.  That who upper-center area was completely alien to me and seeing all the new place names and the new geological features was quite intriguing.  It’s odd.  I do a lot of travelling but it’s always to, like, the same 10 places.  And now that I’ll be living in Erie there are a whole new slew of options within reach…I like this revelation.

After about four hours I finally saw my first sign for Erie:

Eventually I arrived at Erie.  It does not have the look of a city, really.  It’s size and population appear to derive mostly from an epic sprawl, though it does have a concentrated downtown area with a tiny bit of skyline.  On the way to Marci’s Eat ‘n Park I saw this and got excited:

That’s right folks:  public transportation.  I’ve never lived anywhere that I could take the bus.  (I hear you:  Harrisburg has public transit.  True, dickballs, but I’ve never actually lived there, either!)

I got to Marci’s restaurant right on time and she showed me around and introduced me.  (this is not the restaurant I’ll be working at).  I was quite impressed.  It’s a really nice building, the employees are super nice, and they were REALLY BUSY.  On a Monday afternoon!  And the one I’m going to be working at is BUSIER!

After a brief stay, I had to leave to go to my first appointment, with the plan for me to call Marci after each of my appointments to see if she’s been able to get out of work yet and could meet me for the next one.  I left the restaurant (the weather was now really beautiful), set my GPS for the first appointment’s address, and off I was.

Ten minutes later, I was there.  The area is quite residential and if you hadn’t just driven past a thousand warehouses, you’d have no idea it was in a city.  I took some pictures of the street it is on:

Looking down the street from my apartment

The house my apartment is in. I have the top floor.

A seemingly abandoned baseball field at the end of my street.

Long story short, I met the landlord, really liked him.  Looked at the apartment and LOVED it.  It is seriously about twice the size of my current apartment.  I have an entire attic, use of a shared basement, two bedrooms and a dining room and a large living room, the kitchen is really nice as is the bathroom.  I even have an enclosed balcony!  As you may have already guessed, I told him I wanted it and I asked for an application, and he’s all like…”really, to be honest, I don’t do applications, you seem trustworthy.”  So the landlord and I shook hands, and it was mine!  I took a few pics.  Not many and not good ones but here’s what I have:

Dining room looking into living room

Pic taken from in the dining room looking into living room

The smaller of the two bedrooms

So the landlord and I were all gaga over each other and the apartment and all that, and he asked if I’d like to return to the apartment later that night to sign the lease rather than wait until the next day.  I said hell yes cause then I could just go home that night and have an actual day off tomorrow (even though I’ve been doing tons of shit ALL DAY).  So I drove off, driving aimlessly around Erie while calling the other appointments I had and cancelling them.  Then I met back up with Marci and she gave me the grand Erie tour.  Quite honestly I don’t have enough time right now to write a satisfactory description of everything on the tour, though I’m sure I’ll be exploring those things at a later date, but of course the biggest attraction is the lake itself, and Preque Isle State Park, a peninsula jutting out into the lake.  Now, Marci just gave me a quick tour, moslty via her car, but I can assure you I am going to love this place.  Here are the limited photos I was able to get:

a crappy view of "the bay" at the beginning of Preque Isle...this isn't quite the lake yet

Presque Isle out a car window

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

If you’ve never seen any of the great lakes, folks, may I strongly suggest it.  These are the largest freshwater lakes on earth.  The pictures do not communicate the gravity of things.  Sure, it kinda looks like your looking at the ocean…no big deal, right?  But it’s not the ocean.  It’s a lake, and it has a palpable presence.  Honestly, I felt kinda freaked out by it, and Marci knew exaclty what I meant.  More about that when I have more time.  I really must run for the time being, but there are many more interesting blogs coming!

10 Responses to “Erie Journal, 5/5”

  1. cory w. Says:

    wow seth im really excited for you! i wanna see the lake!

  2. The apartment looks great!

  3. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    That’s a freaking huge lake! It does look like the ocean. The only lakes I’ve seen you can see all of it standing on the shore.

    Your place looks awesome! It just screams, “Let’s have a fondue and Sex and The City marathon here!”. Are you paying more or less than what you’re paying now?

    You new computer brings on more typos than normally for your blogs. Also, the picture of your dashboard looks like R2-D2 is rolling across your dashboard.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Paying less, for MUCH more space! It’s amazing!

      And yes, the new keyboard is really giving me some issues. It’s at a totally different angle!

  4. Um….OMG. I cannot believe the size of Lake Erie! I mean obviously it is huge; I have looked at it on a map before but you are totally right! Seeing it for real must have been kind of freaky. I would love to come visit you at some point.

    Also, the apartment looks and sounds awesome….WINDOWS!!!

    I also like how you keep getting mad at the reader throughout this entry.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      yeah you’re gonna have to come visit, it’s incredible. It’s almost like a resort town! and yes the windows are gonna be great! and fuck the reader!

  5. chandra Says:

    This looks awesome, but I am still incredibly SAD that you are moving.

  6. Great lake view, seems much bluer than I remember Lake Michigan being, maybe there isn’t so much pollution?

  7. Very nice pictures, actually. What a dream come true… to live near Lake Erie, so close to Presque Isle, and have a fantastic looking apartment. You are one lucky dude.

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