Dream Bells

I know a poem is not
a business proposition but,
last night, in the small village
I visited in my dream
bells were tolling from four
of the town’s six churches.
What the hell!
A friendly citizen smiled
at my wonder.  The priests
and pastors rent the bells
anytime but Sunday or,
of course, during funerals
or marriages.  They did, however,
ring for birthdays, new babies,
graduations, anniversaries,
even some divorces.  And,
the citizen whispered to me,
when the town clerk
married the mayor’s ex-wife
the mayor paid for twelve hours
worth of ringing.
Three hours is seventy-nine dollars.
The day the team
won the championship
almost everyone chipped in
to ring all bells all night.
A few complained but
the priests and ministers
only smiled benevolently.

5 Responses to “Dream Bells”

  1. Smile.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Sounds like a recession-buster. Are you listening numerous clergymen that read Seth’s blog?! This can help the community. Oh, wait no it can’t because you’re a church and you don’t get taxed! Thanks for nothing. Your bells are dumb.

    Good poem. It takes a creative mind to think of something like this.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha you really do hate the tax exempt churches, don’t you sir? and thanks!

      • Kyle Sundgren Says:

        I hate the shit out of it. It’s a stupid idea for a country that’s supposed to have a separation of church and state.

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