Dear Almost-Spring

Dear spring-like weather:  I am luxuriating in you.  You exfoliate me.  You are my erogenous zone.  I am dancing to Hey Rosetta! songs in only my underwear, I am dancing while shaving my face, I am eating the crisp apples without a paper towel and it is dripping, dripping, I have the windows down, I am laughing at jokes I say out loud to myself.  I know you’re not here to stay quite yet, but I just wanted to say I love you.

5 Responses to “Dear Almost-Spring”

  1. I was doing the dripping thing only it was berries instead of apples. The underwear dancing has been tough since we have visitors staying with us.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I’d be there with you, except my house is fucking cold. All the floors, except for the bedrooms, are tile which makes the house like a refrigerator. Also the heater does not work. I’m always in a sweatshirt. Also I don’t go outside much, so it always seems cold to me.

    It is the desert though and they tell me that it gets hot here in the warmer months (go figure!), so I’m not all that mad about it being cold right now. But I do at this moment years for low 80’s weather and a windows down drive around town while sipping a slurpee.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      what kinda of temperatures are you having right now? It still must be much warmer than it is here. The “spring days” I’m talking about were low 50s

      • Kyle Sundgren Says:

        Oh, OK. We’re warmer than that for sure. Low 50’s is normal winter weather here.

        Just today I left the house in my sweatshirt and had to remove it cuz it was so sunny and hot and I wondered to myself how long we’ve been having this sort of weather. It is quite a contrast from inside my house to outside.

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