Why She Lives in the Country

The moonflowers spiral open gradually.
Over an hour passes before the creases smooth out,
the round white flowers shimmer in the porch light.

She tells people nothing surprises her anymore.
But these flowers, wider than the palm
of her hand, keep her on the porch watching
moths and small night insects bump
through the large, heart-shaped leaves.

Over the yard, bats swoop and squeak.
They turn and fly up into the dark sky
anytime she tries to look at them.

She keeps her expectations simple.
This way she’s not disappointed
or surprised (she hopes) by what
whirls around or away from her life, glittering
for just a moment or two
before puckering up in the sunlight
or just plain vanishing in the dark.

10 Responses to “Why She Lives in the Country”

  1. You never fail. :) Is this a real woman or fictional?

  2. it’s me…no… it’s awesome:)

  3. Unusual for someone who’s been writing as long as you have….I think you’re still getting even better….

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha! While I appreciate the sentiment Chandra, the big secret is that I’m more choosy about what I post now. (or another way of saying it is that I’m better at recognizing the bad stuff!)

  4. Love it!

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