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Oceans of Envy

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How awesome is this song?  (lyrics below the YouTube video)

It’s not the best audio quality, but this is the only video of this song on YouTube.

I’ve got a photobooth picture
reminding me of something you said to me:

“If everything you want is so far out of reach
why don’t you move a little closer to me?”

I held my breath as the water rushed in.
I was drowning in the man I’ll never be.
I was a cast away, but you were there for me.

I did a perfect imitation
of someone who’s alive
before I met you.

But now colors seem
to have a taste and a temperature
and everything doesn’t seem so far away
and forever seems like it’s never gonna be enough.

I held my breath as the water rushed in.
I was drowning in the man I’ll never be.
I was a cast away, but you were there for me.

I held my breath as the water rushed in.
I was falling through a faded memory.
I was a cast away, but you were there for me.

The Diner

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Yes, to the fresh
blueberry cobbler
even though I’m not
hungry and it will
double my bill,
because I’m on the verge
of something and can’t finish
my bacon omelet,
because this waitress
who never smiles,
whose eyes are hard
from seeing,
has somehow noticed
that I am on the verge
of something
and when she offers the cobbler
there is that other thing in it—
she and I, part of that small
black teepee of crows
I saw on the road this morning,
all business, sharing
this beautiful, violent day.

Settle Up

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Just a few more notes on the 7mary3 show last night, for the few of my readers who do care.

I just CANNOT piece the setlist together, and no one over on the message board is posting about the show.  So.  I can tell you how it began:

1.  Last Kiss
2.  Settle Up
3.  RockCrown
4.  Was a Ghost
5.  Roderigo
6.  Headstrong

That’s as far as I can get in sequence.  The rest of the songs played were:

Sleepwalking, Dislocated, Over Your Shoulder, My My, Out For Blood, Cumbersome, Honey of Generation, Blue Letter, Water’s Edge, Wait, Laughing Out Loud, Big Bird.  There may be a few others I can’t quite remember.

“Out For Blood” is the new song.  It’s good.  It’s rock-alt-country-blues.  Think thi bonus song on Orange Ave. It’s like that.

“Big Bird” is a cover they’ve been doing for quite some time.  It’s by a guy named Eddie Floyd.  It rules.  It was their show closer.  Here is a video of Seven Mary Three playing the song (though not at the Allentown show):

Turnout for this show was much, much better than the Reading show I went to a few months ago.  It was still fairly sad.  There were perhaps 50 people watching 7m3, but after the (literally) fifteen people at the Reading show, it felt like freakin’ Madison Square Garden.  And there were GOOD fans.  They weren’t “Cumberfucks”, as they are called on the 7m3 message boards.  These fans knew all the albums.  And they cheered and sang along.  Made me feel good!

Immediately after the applause had died down after the opening song, a really drunk guy yelled “Jason Ross!  You are STILL the shit!”  I winced, unsure how the famously moody Ross would react.  He loved it! Exchanging grins with guitarist Thomas Juliano, Ross said “Thank you.  Every day I wake up and I say to myself…’Am I still the shit?’  And some days, somebody tells me.”  *Long pause*  “And some days, they don’t.”  GOOD STUFF.

This band was in a terrific mood all night.  You could see Jason Ross’s smile clear as day through his ridiculous beard.  Juliano was jumping around the stage like a 19 year old.  Even Casey Daniel was moving around, grinning ear-to-ear.

Thomas Juliano

Sometime during the first few songs, somebody yelled out “Roderigo”, a song from their first album that is a major concert rarity.  Next song, they played it!  (it wasn’t on the setlist, I could see the setlist from where I was standing.  Songs removed from the setlist:  “Upside Down” and “Dreaming Against Me”.).  Anyway, this must have made the crowd basically think the band was going to continue taking requests.  The rest of the night, in between songs, seemingly everyone was shouting out song names (even I, once, shouted for “Where Are You Calling From?”…more of a longshot than ‘Roderigo’!).  You might think this woul dpiss off some bands, but they just kept laughing.  At one point Ross turned to Juliano and in a very funny voice said “They’re all screaming at me!”.  Later, he made a ‘calm down’ motion with his hands and whispered “I’ve got a list.”  You had to be there, but trust me, very funny stuff.

After seeing them twice touring on their new album, I can say with certainty that at this point in my life, “Was a Ghost” is my favorite part of  a 7m3 show.  It’s not a huge rocker, but it’s just really freakin good, and it gets a whole lot better in the live setting.  These guys really know how to play this song!

After the show, Burke and I were leaving the pit in front of the stage when I saw that Jason Ross was hanging out down in the actual club, talking to fans, signing things, etc.  So I gave Burke my camera and waited my turn.  Now, I’ve spoken to Ross once before (and you can read that blog entry here), but Ross was NOT in a good mood that day, so I just shook his hand and said thank you.  THIS time, though, I emoted a bit, telling him the music had “meant alot to me” and had “gotten me through some tough times”.  He probably hears stuff like that alot, but it felt good to say it anyway, even if it is cheesy and cliche.  Because it’s also true.  Oh, and the picture:

Seven Mary Three, 3/25

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What a show!  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the setlist up (I have a really good feeling no one else is going to post it for me to copy it and I have very little faith I can do it from memory).  but highlights:

–“Roderigo”.  Period.  I had never seen it live and I don’t expect to ever again.

–A re-tooled “Dislocated” with an AMAZING jam session in the middle.

–“Sleepwalking”!!!!!!!  my first time ever seeing it!!!  LOVELOVELOVE!!!

–“Cumbersome” in the middle of the set!  Craziness!

–They debuted a new song called “Out For Blood”…great song!

I think I’ll probably have a full-length blog on the experience tomorrow.  Oh, also, I got to talk to Jason after the show and get my pic with him:

48 Years

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While perusing the local used bookstore recently, after spending more than an hour ambling around, I walked out the front door with only a tiny, aged copy of Three Plays by Maxwell Anderson, an almost-forgotten playwright from the turn of the century.  It is a tiny book, small enough to fit in a front or back pocket, despite containing three full-length dramatic plays.  For the privilege of owning this book, I paid two U.S. dollars, in cash.

I got home with the book, sat it on my coffee table, and thought not much of it for a few days.  Then, in a moment of distraction, I picked it up and leafed through it.  It’s pages were thin, worn, and browned with age.  It had that terrific musty smell of time.  It was, quite simply, an old book.  You are all familiar with those.

I happened upon the copyright page and noted, with little interest, the book was printed in 1962.  This seemed appropriate and not too notable.  As I stood up from my couch to go pee, I for some reason did the math in my head.  48 years.  The book was 48 years old.

Now, 48 years is not an incredibly long time.  My parents are older than 48.  The company I work for is older than 48.  The building I live in is much older.  And on and on.  But, I thought, 48 years was a long time for a book to be around and then be bought by me for 2 dollars for, basically, no good reason other than I wanted to buy something.

48 years.  Half a century.  The introduction—by editor George Freedley–still reads like the book is hot off the presses.  Here we can read Freedley bemoaning the fact that the great playwright Maxwell Anderson died before his time.  Meanwhile, in 2010, poor Freedley himself has been dead for decades.  Here we can read as Freedley asserts that Anderson will have a resurgence in popularity after the book’s publication.  He never did.  Anderson’s contemporary, Eugene O’Neil, now holds the place in American literature that Anderson may have held, had things gone just a tad differently.

But more interestingly, I have trouble wrapping my head around the potential histories of this copy of the book.  48 years.  Had this been someone’s treasured copy of a favorite author?  And why did they part with it?  Did they die?  Or was it owned by someone who didn’t care about it at all, tucked away in a box in an attic, or absent-mindedly shelved in the guest room?  Was I perhaps not the first person to buy it second-hand?  How many yard sales had it seen, how many used bookstores?  If it was only 20 years old, or even 30, I might not have so many questions, but no object makes it 48 years in this world without a worthy history.

I can’t help but think, sometimes, that nothing is just an object.

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Laughing Gas (and Ennui)

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