Bathtub Gin

imagine me sitting in a bathtub a bathtub with no water in it with all my clothes on staring up at you in the dark with the world’s saddest frown a moment before you hadn’t known where i’d disappeared to and you searched the whole apartment you skipped the bathroom the first time around because you saw the light was out so you were pretty sure i wasn’t in there but then after failing to find me anywhere else you went back to the bathroom and there i was in the tub with the shower curtain pulled just frowning at you what could you have thought I mean there are the obvious interpretations you know such as I must have found myself unclean and hence being in a state of such extreme intoxication my subconscious mind was in control and trying to cleanse me or maybe after getting up off the couch after having done that bonghit with you I thought you’d follow me into the bathroom and then the bathtub and we’d have insane glorious drunken sex in there and when you didn’t follow me I naturally got sad but the truth is who knows i mean it wasn’t the first time or the last time that someone found me in a bathtub like that and let me tell you sister it is right embarrassing the morning after when they tell you about it (He sat quietly in his dark apartment, pondering.  Was it still important if, all these years later, he still find the answer to why people always found him in bathtubs?  Perhaps it was no longer a key to unlocking his existence, if there are in fact such keys.  But what if it was?  When does one stop searching?  He thinks for a moment about the fact that both his parents were and still are bath-takers, not shower-takers.  And, in fact, as a child, so was he.  So are all children.  When does one make the decision to shower instead of bathe?  For him, it was early pubescence, shortly before the virginity-loss.  Was the drunken-bathtub-sitting a way of communing with his younger self, or even his parents?  Ah, but the things you think about when life is good!)

10 Responses to “Bathtub Gin”

  1. Oooooh! I like this!

  2. really dynamic. well done.

  3. Life IS good.

  4. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Homerun! I know you love sports references. In all seriousness, great fucking writing here. You let us into your mind without any confusion as to where exactly we were or what is happening.

  5. Beautifully done.

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