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Fake Band Name and Album Title of the week, 1/31

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This week’s band name is from Cory, album title from me:

Fake band name:  Screaming Mimi

Screaming Mimi album title:  Move Over, Everything

If You Keep Playing the Same Sad Song Someday Bright Shining Light Will Suddenly Leap from Your Violin

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Not too many years ago my mother moved into a rather small apartment in a rather small town that I had not previously had much experience in.  It was not far from where I lived (although I would have difficulty telling you where I lived at the time) and I took to spending a large chunk of my time at that apartment.  It seems to me I lived there for a time, although I’m not quite sure if I did, or if I simply slept there a lot.

My mother lived there with her new husband, who is a fine man who thankfully did not raise a fuss over my presence in the somewhat cramped apartment.  One of the defining features of this man is a penchant for collecting or simply buying bizarre or useless things that can make life seem a bit more interesting, or at the very least, less mundane.  Like big purple hats, rubber chickens or refrigerator magnets that make inane noises when you pass in front of them.  Also singing Christmas trees and lamps that go boing when you turn them on.

So, here I was, staying in this apartment, and friends would occasionally want to see me, or they’d have to come pick me up because I was too drunk to go to them.  Except I didn’t know this small town very well and would have trouble giving directions to the apartment.  So I would give them good enough directions to get them in my vicinity and then I’d go stand in the swath of grass beside the road in front of the apartment complex so they would see me as they drove past.

One night in the beautiful heat of autumn a friend wanted to do something with me.  I can’t remember what.  This friend had yet to come to this particular apartment, so I gave them the usual directions, with the instruction to watch for me by the side of the road.

I was rather in the cups by this point–it was already nighttime, perhaps past 10 o’clock–and I knew it would take this friend at least 20 minutes to arrive.  But the night was so beautiful, I wanted to go and stand by the road right away.  Even as a drunkard, I loved being outdoors in the summer.  So, I poured my gin and coke into a McDonalds cup and prepared to go outside and wait–when inspiration struck me.  My mother’s new husband happened to have a huge Halloween mask of some ghastly creature.  The mask was sitting atop one of the bookcases and I had occasionally taken it down and worn it to make my mother laugh.  This was one of those huge plastic masks that is not cheap by any standards–it would look right at home in some gothic Mardi Gras parade–and it was unwieldy to wear.  It was not easy to see out of or to breathe inside of, but it was a terribly effective mask.

I was going to wait by the roadside wearing the mask, in order to get a chuckle out of my friend when they drove past.

I settled in for a wait by the side of the road.  Every minute or so, I’d raise the mask in order to take a drink of my gin and coke, and every 5 minutes or so, I’d take the mask off and smoke a cigarette.  Sometimes when a car drove by I’d flail my arms and run in circles, hoping to either freak out my friend or give lonesome strangers an interesting story to tell once they got to their destination.

The mask became suffocating, and to this day I can remember the exact smell of the fumes.  My breath inside the mask became like gasoline, the piny gin-smell and the tarry cigarette smoke made me nauseous, but in a way that I was almost proud of.  That I could make my own body so disgusting was–not just then but for years–a source of pride, as though I had triumphed over God and nature and created something new. I was my own Frankenstein’s Monster.

Twenty minutes became half an hour, and eventually that became an hour.  I had no watch, but I was vaguely aware that I had been by the road a long time.  Eventually I forgot why I had come out there at all.  Sitting in the grass, with the mask beside me, it seemed to me I had simply gotten antsy and had wanted to drink outside, on the grass, by the road.  I was, I imagine, unaware of the mask sitting beside me, after a time.  It was probably around midnight that I curled up and slept in the grass.

I awoke in the wee morning hours and went back inside, not anymore confused than I normally was in such situations.  My mother had left a note for me. The friend had called.  I immediately called him to see why he hadn’t shown up.  He said he had drove and drove down the appointed road but had never seen me.  I asked if he had seen a person wearing a mask.  He had.  He had assumed it was some kid out playing.  He called the apartment from his cell phone, but I had never told my mother where I was going or what I was doing.  She had no idea that I was right outside the apartment.

I stayed awake well into the morning of the next day.  I was watching The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel when a plane mysteriously crashed into one of the World Trade Center Towers.  It was riveting television for someone who was so blindly drunk.

Some video finally posted from the Cribs show I went to

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OK, the person who took this video is obviously a Johnny Marr freak (they even titled the video “Johnny Marr and the Cribs”), so you don’t see much other than Marr, but it still gives you a good feel for how awesome of an opener this song is.  Plus, you see Marr lose sound for a few seconds and then get the problem fixed.

Poor quality, but here’s at least one with a view of the whole band.  This one comes sooooo close to getting me in the shot; I was directly in front of Ross, the Crib singing the song.  Alas, the camera never pans to the audience.

Why it Doesn’t Matter to Me How Obama’s Doing

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I like Obama, and I think I always will, no matter what he ends up doing in office.

Why?  Because, quite frankly, I’m not sure I’ll ever know what he does in office.  There’s a legitimate source nowadays that’ll reinforce whatever you already want to believe (with evidence!), so what’s the use in trying to look?

Want proof that Nixon knew about the Cambodian bombing?  We got that.  Want proof that Nixon didn’t know about it?  We got that, too.

Want proof that there are, in fact, death panels in Obama’s health care plan?  We got that.  Want proof that there aren’t?  We got that, too.

Want proof that Clinton increased the national debt?  Decreased it?  Preferred french fries?  Pizza?  Asian ladies and purple pumps?  We got that!

Obama gives a stirring, convincing State of the Union address that really, I should think, would rally a nation and cut across artificial dividing lines.  Everything seems to finally click into place.  Then, moments later, a governor from the other party gives a convincing speech that everything I was just convinced of was a lie.  And they’ve both got proof.

I grew up thinking that a good citizen thoroughly researches all the issues, then researches where candidates stand on issues, and then votes according to the findings of their research—and judges the performance of the politicians on said research.  Only, how much does the research matter when nothing and everything seems true and untrue all at the same time?  And when I could find the answer I’m looking for if I looked in the right place, or the opposite of what I’m looking for, if I looked somewhere else?  And when every side has their sources all footnoted and bookmarked?

I’m not going to research my politicians anymore.  I’m not going to judge how they do.  I’m going to vote based on party affiliation and personality, and I’ll judge how well they do by how likable they stay.

So far, Obama’s doing great!

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Are you bored and wasting time online?  Well, since a fair amount of you actually clicked on the links in my 100 Bands blog, (someone’s clicked through to the Editors’ video so many times, I’m gonna ask the band for some royalties!)  I’ve linked some more bands to some of their best stuff, if you feel so inclined.  New links are in italics.

Does this piece of chicken look like a frog or not????

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Be a fixed point at dawn:
feel the wide black night
like the first day
there was light.

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