Snow day! or, How I Watched Three Bad Movies in One Day

In one fashion, I am extremely unfortunate that this huge snowstorm came this weekend, as I had awesome—awesome—plans with my sister and mother to go to New York.  It would have been GREAT!  (we are totally rescheduling for January).  In another fashion, however, I am extremely fortunate that it came this weekend, as I have off work, and I don’t have to get into my car until 11am Monday.  In my line of work, where we work 3 out of every 4 weekends, this could only be seen as extremely fortunate.

The extremely sucky event of canceling my mom/sister trip did however lead to a fairly sweet event, in that I could now attend the Soulgrass Freedom Junction show that took place last night (friend Kate is the singer of the band, and she friggen rules), and a bizarre amount of people I knew ended up being there.  Platonic soulmate Michael was also celebrating her graduation from graduate school (she’s gonna be a counselor!), so it was a pretty incredible night all around.

Duane, Burke, and Michael at the Soulgrass show

Kate belting out "White Rabbit"

So anyway, long story short, I didn’t get home and go to bed until 4am, which put my waking hours that day at 23–I had gotten up at 5am the previous day for work.  Regardless of this really long day, I woke up with a shot at 6am, only 2 hours after falling asleep.  I went to the window and saw a SHIT-TON of snow out there.  I suppose it was the prospect of an entire weekend off with a major snowstorm happening that got me even more awake.  I’m not sure why this was exciting to me, but it was.  I was jazzed!  So far, I’ve had an amazing day:

7am:  I leave the apartment, dressed very inappropriately, with no plan whatsoever.  I end up walking essentially all over town, ending up at Wal-Mart (all told, about 3 miles one way), as well as stopping for a nice breakfast at Fay’s Country Kitchen.

Breakfast at Fay's

What really amazed my about this trip was how absolutely desolate the world was.  I mean, sure, there were some people around, but for the most part, all was silence (and it wasn’t 7am the whole time…all was silence at 9am, too).  By the time I got home, I estimate my travel distance at 6.5 miles, on foot, in the snow…and I somehow had more energy than when I left?!?!  This has been happening to me alot lately.  I’m starting to get worried that I have bi-polar disorder, but I only suffer from the manic periods.  I seem to have almost no need for rest.  I’m not gonna complain until I end up in the hospital.

9am:  Return home and finished watching The Orphan, which I had started when I got home from the show the night before.  It sucks.  Then watched the majority of Angels & Demons.  It sucks too.  Shower.

Noon:  I leave the apartment again, walking back to Wal-Mart (that’s where the movie theater is, my destination wasn’t actually Wal-Mart).  It was a little colder this time, and the snow seemed a bit more wet.  There were more cars on the road than there were in the morning, but less pedestrians.  I am still loving being in the snow and seemingly all alone in my town of Carlisle.  I get to the movie theater around 1pm and watch Invictus (it sucks).  There were 6 other people in the theater, which you might think is a lot of people for a blizzard day, but is actually very few people when you consider it’s 1pm on a Saturday.  After the movie, I walked around the Wal-Mart plaza, quite blown away by the amount of businesses that had closed early (Applebees, Subway, Holiday Hair, Game Stop and even the Chinese Buffet were closed!!!  Other than the big box stores, the only thing open was Panera Bread).  Then I finally headed for home.  Took this largely boring video on this leg of the journey:

The only really interesting part of this video is when I look at the ground, you can see how deep the snow is.   Here’s another picture from this leg of the journey, looking at the ground.  You can see my foot is entirely covered:

I stopped at Vinnie’s pizza (formerly Genova’s) and had a few slices.  I was all alone and it seemed there hadn’t been anyone there pretty much all day.  The guy behind the counter and I had a pretty good conversation about the storm and how many places were closed, and he ended up sitting with me while I ate.  I must have been burning immense amounts of calories all day, because I ate the three (sizable) slices like they were jelly beans.  I chugged the rest of my large Dr. Pepper, bid adieu to my temporary Vinnie’s friend, and set out to…um…find more food.

5pm:  Arrive at the Hamilton.  Devour two Hawchie Dogs and order a Blockbuster to-go, so I have something to eat later.  As I leave, it’s getting dark and the snow—now very wet—is very unpleasant blowing directly into my face.  Finally arrive home around 5:30.  After about 10 minutes of rest, I find that I am now not tired at all, and in fact, am considering going back out soon.

Somebody stop me!

7 Responses to “Snow day! or, How I Watched Three Bad Movies in One Day”

  1. OMG, man! You’re insane! If only we could have put that energy to use in NYC!

    I laughed out loud at your comment about not worrying about it til you’re in the hospital. I go through weird periods like this too – I was just talking to my friend Melissa about this. I literally feel like my body really only needs big chunks of rest every couple of days. The rest of the days I’m wired. WEIRD.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    While playing your video my computer shut down. This is why I still haven’t watched that LIVE video, because my parents’ computer is freaking weird and can’t handle streaming video.

    It looked really cool though, especially being a California boy. It would be interesting to experience snow.

    Walking adventures like yours really are awesome. You feel like the coolest person in the world because you can see with your own eyes that no one else is doing this and they all don’t know what they’re missing out on!

  3. I was disappointed with Invictus. I usually enjoy Eastwood movies. Sad.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah, it’s just….hokey. And unnecessary. Although I will say, if Matt Damon gets Oscar nom’d for it, I wouldn’t be upset. Though Freeman better not. As far as I am concerned, he was doing a Barbara Walters impression the whole time.

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