Two days until the weekend
and only 42 days more
until vacation
and 2,292 days to retirement
the janitor on outdoor duty
in one idle moment
lifts a rake effortlessly
and transforms
the meticulously built nest
of a starling into mulch

5 Responses to “Nest”

  1. my breath=gone

  2. I like this…and it’s snowing on your page, dude.

  3. what a picture you paint, and what layers of meaning and depth of thought! Also, it’s unlike you to not use any punctuation at all…what’s up?

  4. I love the imagery. Should we live for the now, or the anticipation of the future? Both, I suppose, I suppose have their attractions. Your poem really shows the reality of our lives. I am printing it, I love it so much.

  5. sethdellinger Says:

    Thanks everybody! Especially Mom, it’s always nice when someone gets the same thing out of a poem as I was thinking when I wrote it! :)

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