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Seth’s Summer Movie Scorecard

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So far:

Wolverine: 3 out of 5 stars

Star Trek: 4 out of 5 stars

Terminator Salvation: 4 out of 5 stars

Genius Idea of Ron’s, #743

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Today, Ron waxed poetic about how brilliant it would be to make a Holocaust movie (most likely a concentration camp) starring only children in all the roles.  The detainees, the guards, the “doctors”, even a guest spot of Himmler and Hitler–all grade-school age kids.  Far from being joke-y, or making light of the incredible evil that was the Holocaust, this would serve to help us see the event with fresh eyes, since we’ve all seen plenty depictions of it by now.  It would refresh our sense of the fact that these were human beings, and how horrible everything that happened was–it could once again properly shock us.  In addition to that, the use of children would make many interesting statements on the nature of human innocence (or lack thereof), and the opportunities for symbolism would be almost boundless.  Anyone with the time, resources, and talent to make films should do this–provided you pay Ron lots of money (and me a modest finder’s fee).

Yes, It’s Annoying

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Seriously, how much gray hair do I have to have–while wearing a crisp white button-down and a black tie, as well as a gold name badge that says General Manager–before I stop getting carded for cigarettes?

Pearl Jam+Conan O’BrienxNew Songs=Holy Shit

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I have been eagerly awaiting the beginning of Conan O’Brien’s version of The Tonight Show.  I love Conan, I love late-night talk shows, and I love new shit.

Well, wouldn’t you know, it was just announced that PEARL JAM will be his very first musical guest on his very first show!  And to make matters even crazier, here is a quote from

“They will be playing songs from their upcoming studio album.”

Oh banana sandwich!  Does anyone else notice the plural in there??/ And NEW SONGS.  Oh fuck.  This all goes down on June 1st.  here are some awesome Pearl Jam videos (all from previous appearances on late-night television) to whet your appetite (and yes, the “Do the Evolution” and “Porch” are from Letterman, but it was a mini-concert they gave after the show that streamed on the internet–it didn’t air on the show).  Also, SNL gets YouTube to take down all the musical performances, but I found an awesome rehearsal of their performance of “Not For You” from SNL.  Oh and one more tidbit: watch their performance of “Save You” from Letterman, a song in which Eddie says “fuck” about 15 times.  It’s funny to notice how he reverses the word to “Kuf” for television.

Funeral CDs

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I was listening to NPR this morning–as I’ve found myself doing more and more as I get older and older–and the topic of the show was funeral music, and how the music getting played at funerals has been changing rapidly in the past few years.  The theory on this is that our society has become more and more about personalization and self-expression (probably not a bad thing).  I mean, even your ring-tone is personalized and "says something" about you.

So anyway, on the radio show there was also a mention of ‘funeral Cds’, wherein the loved ones of the deceased will make CDs of the music from the funeral, or maybe just CDs of the departed’s favorite music, to give to the attendees.  And of course I got to thinking what I’d want on the CD, and what I’d want played at the actual ceremony.

There is a natural question one must ask here: should the songs be mainly what the deceased wanted played, bearing out their final wishes?  Or should it mainly function as a comfort or bereavement tool for those left behind?  For instance, should we stick to the themes normally associated with death, loss, and the passing of loved ones?  Or themes associated specifically with the deceased?  Or would it be acceptable–or even preferable–to simply play the music they loved?

I had wanted to make a track listing for my "Funeral CD", but I simply can’t figure out what I think about the questions I posed above. (don’t worry, this is just something I’m pondering–I’m not in imminent peril).  So I thought I’d throw it out there on the blog for discussion.  What do you think about funeral music?

Seth’s Summer Movie Scorecard

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So far:

Wolverine: 3 out of 5 stars

Star Trek: 4 out of 5 stars

I Forgot the Window’s Job is to Disappear

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Watching from a field away
the deer get it’s head stuck
in a wayward, long-forgotten fence–
the way it pulled first backward,
then charged minutely forward,
then repeated this defeating process,
it’s day entirely ruined and it’s hooves
ensconced in slurping mud–
I forgot that I could have just pulled the blinds,
or walked to the kitchen to grab a cola and stare at
the calendar with it’s sweet pictures of covered bridges,
and that the window had only been doing it’s job.

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